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Is there a way to find their number?

Hello! I'd really appreciate as much help as I can here...

Essentially, some hacker/spammer guy has been sending me weird messages and calling my house (and some of my friends' houses) number with a voice-changer.

Sounds like a complete idiot, right? There are like 5 of them, too, they're such pests.


I have no doubt they will continue to call me. I hope they do, actually, because I want their number so I can rick roll them or something...

In case of that-

Is there a number for a *land line* telephone that I can call to find out who just called? I don't have caller ID in any way, shape or form, but I believe there's a number you can call on your line that will tell you what the last incoming call was. I believe I've seen my mom do this several times.

Anyone know what the number is or how I can find one for my area (I'm near Chicago, IL, just in case that helps)

Please help. These people have harrassed me enough.

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    Try *69. If you don't have that service or the caller has blocked the id, create a log of the calls (exact time, date, number of rings before you answered, anything the caller saidor did and anything you said or did) . Once you have at least 5 calls, contact the ATT harassment center and your local police to report the incidents. By law, the phone company must contact the caller and warn them that they can incur consequences for harassing phone usage. The phone company will not tell you their names, so you must also go through the police--if a clear pattern emerges, the police will press charges.

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    Where i live that number is *69 and i live about 2 hours away from u so try that. It will tell u the last number that called ur line was blah blah blah.

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    dial *69 and they will give you the last incoming number received. but if they are calling from a private number, or if they dialed *67, then you won't be able to get the number.

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    *69 is the service to which you are referring.

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