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Steve Latourette is praising Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio) after her passing. Yes?

I've met him & have my differences, but both serve Ohio.

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  • janie
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    We from Ohio in the voting rights movement will never forget rep tubbs jones for signing the historic election challenge in 2004 that took place in congress on 1/6/05 and for convincing senator barbara boxer to be the one lone senator with the bravery to sign the election challenge and this allowed for the historic election challenge in the house and senate the 22nd only since 1776. We needed one vote from a senator..some may remember in Michale Moore's movie, fahrenheit 9-11 seeing all the black congresspeople saying how they could not get a single senator to sign in 2000. In 2004 they did thanks to Barbara Boxer and Stephanie Tubbs Jones on the work abd for the work of the friends I know --tireless workers--in the voting rights movement in Ohio who got this info out to congress despite a massive media blackout of what happened in Ohio in 2004.

    We remember her speaking to a large group of voting advocates-- many who were disenfranchised themselves, (or saw large numbers of people leave the long lines though many stayed despite long waits, crying children and long 5 hour waits in drenching, freezing rain-pour) and who saw saw first hand the massive and widespread fraud and the lines they created in all inner city districts where the minorities, poor and young college students..

    Most democrats faced lines in Ohio from 2-14 hours waits due to them hiding and subtracting voting machines (this was reported by our republican newspapers and subsequent movies) and I witnessed while working the polls lines of 3-5 hours that in the primary saw the same places have 5 minute to zero waits.

    This which caused many tearful people to not get to vote and leave lines due to parenting and job responsibilities or poor health and saw elderly, disabled people pass out after waiting 3 or 4 hours and then not get to vote was something I will never forget hearing and seeing.

    We later found out the republican BOE head, Matthew Damschoeder and SOS Ken Blackwell, co-chair of reelect Bush campaign hide the voting machines in a least one machine was subtracted from each precinct it was later found out despite huge record voter registration in these areas,.

    As I said, our republican newspaper the columbus dispatch published at least 30 different voting irregularities and on the missing machines being hid in a warehouse..our republican newspaper even reported these facts.

    When noone cared at this massive disenfranchisement and many other voting irregularities that took place were later discovered, local activists like Bob Fitrakis and Cliff Arnebeck and susan truitt and many others got this election fraud all the way to congress and saw john conyers enter into congress his 100 page election report what went wrong in Ohio...

    The public heros in this were jesse jackson, stephanie tubbs jones, dennis kucinich, barbara boxer, sheila jackson lee, maxine waters, cythia mckinney, and john conyers among others I may have forgotten.

    We will always be grateful to these people for their commitment to democracy and justice and the acknowledgement that all people's vote should count.

    Representative stephanie tubb jones truly represented their constituents in Ohio who were defrauded and their votes not counted and she will always be a star in this movement..

    Thank you, Stephanie..we in the voting rights movement, we who were on the historic winter freedom bus as I was and who went to Washington DC from Ohio in jan 2005 that day of the historic challenge to do press conferences, attended rallies, and rally our senators in their offices remember our rejoicing that day when we heard Barbara boxer would sign after not a single senator had the guts to sign rep tubbs jones challenge in 2000 to that fraudulent election where minorities were disenfranchised by Bush.

    .I lobbied in senator Barbara Boxer's office along with other us citizens from Ohio and elsewhere the day before the challenge took place with urgent words and we saw her later prove to be the only senator brave enough to do the right things though about a dozen gave it lip service will not forget.

    The senators nearly failed us but for one but the black congressional caucus along with tubbs jones as the leader did not fail the people in Ohio.

    I am not black but I saw working the polls what happened in poor and black precincts in Ohio election day..I will never forget what I witnessed.

    Myself and others in Columbus were part of the start of the new voting rights movement and continue to this day..we have a conference coming up next month in fact.

    When a large group of angry people gathered in downtown Columbus, Ohio after hearing hundreds and hundreds of people testify under sworn oath what they experienced and witnessed that day, in December we gathered downtown and Tubb Jones from Cleveland and where massive vote fraud also took place traveled to Columbus to be our keynote speaker. For that and for all she did on

    Source(s): For that and for all she did on this issue, I thank her with a grateful heart. I will put the link to the testimony that was sworn under oath. It is very interesting and few outside of Ohio know what happened. I will put this in the sources. My condolences tot he family. I read in recent years, Stephanie Tubbs Jones lost both parents, her husband of 27 years and her they must suddenly lose her. I am so sorry and so ashamed of some of the people on yahoo answers in other questions rejoicing at her death and saying she had not a single accomplishment...for shame to let your political party supercede human decency and say you rejoiced at her death and she did nothing..this is the height of inhumanity in the face of someone's death. May those saying these things get what they deserve.. As for me, I will not forget what she did for the people of Ohio and the nation as far as voter rights and standing for other progressive causes. Rest in peace, rep tubbs jones. I am saddened to hear of your fate when still in the prime of life. I am the same age and it is too young to die IMO here is the transcript of the sworn testimony by Ohio citizens on what they experienced ..taken on nov 13 and 15, 2004
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    Lots of people are expressing their respect for Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones. One of the first to put out a statement was the chairman of the Ohio Republican Party.

    If you would like to send your condolences to her family, there's a link for doing so on It also has links to local Cleveland coverage of her life and death, as well as links to her Congressional and campaign websites and other online resources.

  • Yes, both serve Ohio. sometimes good sometimes not.

    Prayers for her family...

  • 1 decade ago

    I feel badly for her family. Yes.

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