Why do you get sick from being in the rain?

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    Your body sets up a reaction to try to warm itself up from the chill of the rain hitting your skin and body.It tries to readjust it's normal body temperature by "chilling".....you'll get "the chills" sort of like goosebumps that try to regulate your temp.In the meantime,this briefly changes you autoimmune system.You slightly become a little more likely to "catch" a virus or something like that.I hope this helps some.....of course,It's alot more technical than that,but,this is the best I can do without a textbook in fron of me........

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    Maybe the question should be, why do you specifically get sick in the rain, cause I have never heard of such a thing. Do you go without an umbrella, allow yourself to get soaked and stay that way?

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    People get sick when they are exposed to bacteria or a virus. In most cases in the winter because were indoors more, exposed to more germs. Stress can cause your immune system to not be as strong sometimes, so if you are exposed to harsh environmental conditions for awhile, you may be more likely to get sick, but rain doesn't make you ill in general.

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    You don't! That is an old myth that mothers play on their children. Who gets sick from water? you take a shower don't you?

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    i dont i love the rain

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