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fun things to do in the london area?

I'm from America and i am going to london this fall. so far, we are seeing Abbey Road, Cambridge, Stonehenge, and the London Eye.

What are some other fun things to do there?

an could you give me some information about it or the ones shown above?

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    well first of all thats really cool that you get to go to all those cool places in london congrats!and second i would try to go see the daily mail.they did alot of cool editorials on the Beatles.(i mean if you like them)um if your not the intellectual kinda stuff(no offense in any way)then just hit some coffee shops there,buy british clothes,go to a car convention some science everything to be done and see everything to be is london maybe you'll see orlando bloom.omg he is so hot.sorry anyways i've never been to london but i plan on living there and opening my own restraunt or bistro there.well i hope you have lots of fun,meet exotic men,and drink alot of tea.tell the queen i said hellooo. ok i hope i helped alittle.Peace!

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    You really can't go past the Camden Pub Crawl for an awesome night out! I've been on it a few times already on my travels. Really can't get enough of it! I keep coming back, You start off at a place called The Wheelbarrow (a local camden favourite, or so I'm told), we got our free shot (one of four) and grabbed a drink. There was a bit of live music there towards the end which was cool. Then we moved on to Belushi's across the road; really cheap drinks and a shot of Sambucca (put some lime on top!). They had open mic going on there, I had a bit of a sing, really fun stuff. We then hit a place called the Blues Kitchen - really good live music venue with some great blues and jazz bands hitting the stage. I grabbed the local brew, Camden Hell; it's a good drop. From there it was to a sweet venue called Barfly - really cool rock n roll vibes going on there and it's a pretty famous London venue too. After that it was on the the final destination, Proud Camden. This place is sweet! It's an old Horse hospital that was converted into a club with stables turned into party booths! Pretty sure that's the usual route, but when I went on a Friday (it was a massive group!) we ended up at a place called KOKO; now that is an awesome place; an old theatre converted into a night club/music venue. Only in London! Oh and Saturday goes to a place called Monarch were they have this night featuring Soundtrack music and cool 50-60's vibes. Like I said, I've been on this a lot!

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    Try for inspiration. Or if you fancy an unusual tour. I have seen the duck bus zipping up and down the Thames a few times and it looks fun (though I haven't been on it). As a London resident I think Westminster Cathedral is overrated, the Victoria & Albert museum is underrated (a great museum!) and the Globe Theatre, when I get a chance to go, is very much on my list. Have never been to the London Eye or Buck Palace. Have driven past Stonehenge though. What a place to put an ancient monument! Right next to a busy road : ).

    Depending on your tastes, camden market, borough market and old spitalfields market are also worth a look.

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  • Make a you tube video of crossing Abbey Road!

    Attend a free festival in Trafalgar Square

    Go to the ice bar for a coctail (its made of ice!)

    Watch the Friday Skate at Hyde Park in the evening..............

    Take your own map to the London Eye!

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    The British Museum.

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    abbey road was awesome! you'll love it if you're a beatles fan.

    you can go to st. paul's cathedral, tower bridge experience, and tower of london is a must. oh and definately go to harrods. there's the hard rock cafe, madame, tussauds, and a lot of other stuff.

    can't think of anymore right now.

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    I have never personally been there, but my ex just recently got back from and there and told me there are always GREAT bars/pubs, street concerts and "ICE BARS". Where they serve you drinks out of ICE cups, and give you cold sensitive jackets when you get there. I guess its a cool experience lol

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  • Omar C
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    go to the ice bar u are gunna love it..

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