potty training dos and donts?

1)While potty training should the parent carry the toilet seat for use in public restrooms?

2)During a potty session ,is it ok to ask the child "Is pee coming" after the lapse of 5 minutes and the child has not ejected anything?

3)Is it necessary to not "miss"the childs pee or poop once potty training has started ,for instance if the parent gets busy with something and forgets it was time for the child to pee or poop

4)Are there are any essential potty training dos and donts


Looking forward to helpful advice ,thankyou very much

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    My #1 rule is do not get stressed out. The general idea is to encourage and provide a positive experience so they don't develop hang ups. For my kids I researched and found a very safe and very sturdy stool with sides for the toilet so they could hold on the entire time. http://www.amazon.com/Elite-Child-Corporation-TPS-...

    They loved using a real toilet like big kids and adults and I loved having no mess to clean. My kids started on this stool and were potty trained right away because they wanted to use this. For my sons it helped them to see what was happening so they could connect the sensations and understand what was happening to their bodies. This stool made all the difference and was well worth it. Hope this helps.

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    1) I wouldn't, until you are sure your child can ask for the toilet put them in pull ups and you can always hold them over the toilet seat.

    2) again I wouldn't - it is more important that the child gets used to just sitting on the seat and not feel pressurized into peeing.

    3) I didn't actually have "set times" so can't really answer.

    My key advise would be:

    Concentrate initially on getting the child used to just sitting on the potty - you Can get some really good books re potty training - I used to make it a daily thing of getting my daughter to sit on the potty while we read / looked at the books together.

    Don't make a big deal out of using the potty - forcing things can have the opposite effect. if your child goes to the toilet the same time every day - suggest they sit on the potty at that time.

    Give LOADS of praise if he 'uses' the potty. I used sticker rewards and we actually stuck them on the side of the potty so it was really visible how well my daughter was doing.

    Never tell your child off for not using the potty (you want the association with the potty to be a pleasurable experience)

    Dress your child in trousers or leggings that can be pulled down easily, preferably with elasticated waists (I found skirts were a bit more tricky and more likely to get wet)

    Don't feel pressurised by other Mums and the age their children were potty trained - every child is different and willl learn in their own time, reagardless off how you train them, you child will learn when they are ready.

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    1. I bought a portable one that goes on top of the regular toilet.

    2. Yes it is fine, but don't rush them!

    3. Yes, you need to devote a couple of days or more to just potty training. If you have to set yourself a timer for a reminder.

    4. Praise the child every time on the potty, and make it a huge deal!! Do NOT punish them for accidents- it happens oh well. Let them pick out their underwear- it means a lot to a toddler!

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    1. Yes, they have fold up ones that fold flat and fit nicely in a small bag.

    2. Tell the child, " Let me hear you pee ".

    3. Its fine to miss it. It happens all the time.

    4. Don't put diapers on them during the day. Only use them at night.

    Let them wear " Big Girl panties or Big Boy pant ".

    5. Give them a piece if candy ( M & M's work great ).

    6. I have used this methon with my three children and three grandchildren and were all trained by the time they were 2 years old.

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    The best i can find is this:


    Always praise your child after he has a successful trip to the potty. Parental praise in itself is one of the most successful methods of potty training.

    Stay calm when accidents occur. Know ahead of time that with potty training your child is going to have accidents so prepare yourself. You need to be calm and matter of fact about accidents.

    Remember that your child may need your help with potty training. Remind him every few hours that the potty is there and waiting for him.

    In the event of an accident let your child know that pee or poop goes in the potty, not in underwear or on the floor.

    Be consistent during potty training and remember this is not the easiest process for your child either.

    Do give your child control over the potty training process. It will go smoother and faster.

    Never punish your child when potty training if an accident occurs. Accidents generally are not your childs fault and if you punish him/her you are likely going to cause more problems than dealing with the situation matter of fatly.

    Dont criticize your child over the potty training process. This is something he/she must do in his/her own time and criticism from you will likely make the process take longer.

    Dont engage in power struggles. This will only result in prolonging the potty training process not to mention increase stress at home.

    Dont come up with cutesy names for body parts. If your child can say finger he can say penis so teach him that way. Remember other family members and school workers will here these words, so teach the correct ones.

    Dont force your child to potty train at a specific age. Let your child tell you through his words and actions when he is ready.


    After the "I did it (in my diaper)" phase: to move to the next level, get the child to recognize the sensation of needing to go, by trying to tell before they go to the bathroom in their diaper. This is tricky; some parents switch to real underwear, cloth diapers, or even leave them naked at this point.

    Once the child is able to successfully tell the parent before they soil their diaper that they need to, they are ready to use the toilet. They will use the toilet and successfully; some kids will take more time than other children will to be successful every time, but they will eventually get the hang of it, with lots of patience from the parents.

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    I dont have a doberman BUT I potty educated my puppy in one million-two weeks. we streted by means of doing away with puppy out each and every two hours, then each and every three hours then every4 and so forth and so forth. him going external after which Inside is prob a signal of creating his territory. Is he neutered?? this would be your first main issue. He would be marking his territory and letting you recognize that he's the "ALPHA" that's BAD BAD BAD! if he's neutered, then he would prob scent andy different animals that you simply would have had or remains to be simply marking...boys love to do that. Its may be very essential that if you happen to capture him approximately to pee that you simply scold..No hitting, then immediatly take him again external to conclude his buisness. My mother used a bell....and it labored. When she potty educated our historical puppy, whenever that she peed she could take the puppy over to the door wherein the bell was once putting and rang it particularly tough then permit her external. ultimately she could pass over and hit the bell together with her nostril and that was once how she permit my mother recognize that she needed to pass external. and ensure you hold on a activities.. if you happen to difference it an excessive amount of the puppy gets burdened...and if you recognize that he's gonna pee whilst you get within then watch him like a hawk and be capable to pounce whilst you see him approximately to pee. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! :zero) I have religion

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    I tried everything with my 3 year old son....what worked for me was a common interest. I noticed that everytime he went to get a pull up...he went through them until he found one with a truck. One day I hid his diapers and told him he could only weat TRUCK underwear....he was so excited about the truck underwear...he was potty trained ever since.

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    don't use a seperate potty chair at times it makes them scared of regular pottys and can cause problem when it comes to daycare or being out

    Source(s): day care worker in a 2's room
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