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How do I troubleshoot for a shorted resistor with a multimeter?

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Read off the resistor value and put the multimeter to ohms and see if they match.

Bear in mind, there may be other components affecting your reading when its part of a circuit.

Resistors rarely fail short and an open circuit is more likely.
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  • Rick A answered 7 years ago
    Turn power off. You will need a Ohmmeter/ Multimeter . The current running through the resistor with a reading of 0 , or nothing shows a bad resistor. To test the resistor use a Multimeter set to ohms with sound. Take each lead of the meter and touch each side of the resistor. If the current flows through the resistor you will hear the ohms sound. This tells you it is good. A shorted resistor is indicated by the infinity symbol ( a sideways figure 8 . ) The ohmmeter is connected in series with power off,ohmmeter set to ohms and tested on both ends of resistor.
    If you know the resistance of the resistor you can use the voltmeter and test the circuit Live or energized . The resistance should be the resistance stated on the resistor, If It is good. If you test both sides and you have nothing, O ; then the resistor is bad.


    Electricity 2 Devices, Circuits and Materials. Third Edition; Thomas S. Kubala.
    Electrical Theory; Tom Henry. Electrician's Exam Preparation, Mike Holt.; Basic Ohmmeter Readings, Continuity Tester Readings.
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  • jnobles06@sbcglobal.net answered 7 years ago
    place a lead on each side of the suspected resistor and switch the dmm to measure resistance. if you read 0 then its a short. if you read infinity or a ridiculously high number the it is a open.
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  • How do I troubleshoot for a shorted resistor with a multimeter?
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