Ford Explorer security system reset?

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Soooo... the car lot we bought our 2003 Explorer from has the vehicle (supposedly trying to fix it). They say that they think the security system has everything shut down. I find that more
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when you go to crank does your theft light flash really fast, if it does the key has lost memory. that is if it cranks, if it doesn't crank unlikely to be theft related, try using your keyless enrty fob to lock the doors then unlock them and try to start it.sometimes they get confused if door is unlock with the key. any questions just e-mail me


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  • seb answered 6 years ago
    if it's an aftermarket alarm system you should be able to disable, but factory alarms are a different story. If they obviously can't fix it don't waste your time and go to the dealer. What's going to happen is there going to be poking at all types of stuff which will probally leave u with alot more problems.
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