there are only 2 AAA rated banks in the world. Wells fargo and ?. What is the other. It isn't in the US.?

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    There are actually 25 "AAA" rated banks in the world. However, in the states, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A has a separate entity by the name of Wells Fargo Bank Northwest N.A., which appears to be the 2nd "AAA" rated bank based here in the states.

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    The other AAA rated bank is Rabobank of the Netherlands.

    Rabobank and Wells Fargo are the only 2 'commercial' (or non-government owned) banks in the world which have the top AAA rating from both of the top rating agencies - Moody's and S&P.

    There are a few other AAA rated 'commercial' banks such as LloydsTSB Bank plc in the United Kingdom but they are only rated AAA by ONE agency (Moodys).

    Rabobank ( is about 50% bigger than Wells Fargo (Balance sheet is around $760bn as opposed to Wells Fargo's $482bn) and has held the top AAA credit rating continuously for over 25 years whereas WF has only recently been elevated to this exclusive position.

    There is a list of the Worlds safest banks:

    Rabobank comes in 4th (the banks at numbers 1,2 and 3 are state owned and therefore are being rated because they have government backing not necessarily because the bank is actually the safest). Wells Fargo comes in at 8th place.

    Rabobank has a presence in the USA (so has a subsidiary in California Rabobank NA) It also has offices in NY, Chicago, Dallas and numerous other locations across the United States.

    I hope that helps....

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    Aaa Rated Banks

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