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Will the IOC strip the bronze from Sweden's Ara Abrahamian for throwing the medal to the ground?

Angry Swede Throws Medal Down, Quits (

Will the IOC (or have they already) strip Ara Abrahamian of his bronze medal as they did for the 1992 Unified team member who threw his bronze medal?

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    The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee, meeting today in Beijing, has reached a decision, based upon the recommendations of the IOC Disciplinary Commission, in the case of Mr Ara Abrahamian.

    Mr Abrahamian is a Swedish athlete who stepped down from the podium and laid his medal on the floor during the awards ceremony for the men’s Greco-Roman wrestling 84kg event. He had received one of two bronze medals awarded.

    The IOC Disciplinary Commission consisted of three persons: Dr Thomas Bach (Chairman), Denis Oswald and Sergey Bubka. All three are Olympians with extensive experience of elite sport etiquette.

    The IOC Executive Board decided that Mr Abrahamian, Sweden:

    1. Is disqualified from the event of men’s Greco-Roman wrestling, 84kg.

    2. Is excluded from the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing in 2008.

    3. Shall have his Olympic identity and accreditation card immediately cancelled and withdrawn.

    Source(s): IOC Newsletter
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    Yes, they have already stripped him of it. What a dumb thing to do. And people complain about American's being whiners.

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    I think that's ridiculous, he earned it and they awarded it to him. What he does with it after is his business he could crap on it and shove it up his butt if he wants to if you ask me.

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