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Is campbell's chicken noodle soup good for you?

I'm going on a diet so i'm trying to eat healthy and workout. I bought the campbell's chicken noodle soup thinking how bad can soup be for you. But i just checked the back and it's 37% sodium! Am i better off with just eating a salad?

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    Yes you are much better off with salad. You must buy low sodium canned soups ans all can soups are loaded in sodium unless say low sodium. Salad is excellent choice, or try some heated low sodium chiken broth, or in between meals, drink a glass of hot tea or water which make s you feel less hungry. Sodium causes you to retain water and is not healthy for you in large quanitities

    • A salad is not going to fill you up. Soup is perfect for dinner or lunch because you will stay full longer! Plus if your eating something you like you have more of a chance of sticking with the diet.

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    I just tried Campbell s Chicken Noodle with 25% less sodium. OK with 25% less sodium it still has a whooping 660mg of sodium. And when I tried it - it was like eating salted soup - not very appetizing and really not very healthy. I had to toss it and next time I will check the label - no reason for a company to put that much salt in a soup - they are killing people with this product.

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    Soup is fantastic. You must NOT buy low sodium soup. You need sodium to live. A can of soup will not put you over your daily sodium limit or harm you in any way. Low sodium soup has almost no flavor. The chicken noodle soup has protein and carbs which you need to live. A salad - almost none.

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    You should try the progresso soups!!! Way lower sodium and way more choices. The chicken noodle has lots of oil and sodium, not so good for water retention when your on a diet lol!

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    well try the low sodium choices.. i mean i don't check the sodium, i check the fat and the calories and progresso light soups have 60 calories per serving and no fat and are soo yummy.

    Select light soups are soooo good but they do have a lot of salt.

    salads have less calories if you dont load them up with a lot of dressing. keep in mind that dressings also have a ton of salt in them

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    The high sodium content is not good for you. Try eating chicken and rice as a snack with a salad. It s healthy and it will fill you up.

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    Yes, you're better off eating a salad as long as you don't douse it w/ dressing.

    Use the "Healthy Request" or "Low Sodium" soup varieties to save on sodium and fat.

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    Anything in a can is going to last many, many years. If the can is dented it might not last as long but otherwise it's fine. The only reason any cans have expiration dates is because the manufacturers have learned that they can get people to throw out perfectly good food and buy more.

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    You'd be better off making your own soup. You can control the calories and the sodium that way.

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