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Freshwater grunt. 10 points!?

I was told to get a freshwater grunt. I do not no if this exists but chris sent me this from yahoo. Follow the link

Is this the real freshwater grunt or is it just a nickname for it's grunting noises. Please send me a link to a website or please tell me if this is the real grunt or if there is a other one.

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    Actually there are a lot of grunts... check this webpage out:

    But to answer your question "grunt" is a nickname for the area of fish "grunniens". They have a bladder that can make noises which could be how they got their name.

    You can read more about them here:

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    yes as far as I know all other grunts are saltwater. this freshwater grunt that you have a picture of is what we call sheepshead. I really don't know why they call them that . I catch at least 1 every time I go fishing. they are ugly fish and as they get older hey get uglier. almost prehistoric looking. they do not taste good so I recommend that you don't try eating one. the biggest one I have ever seen was caught in a net by DNR and it6 weighed 52 pounds. close to the world record. they let it go. so yes that is the fresh water grunt and they will not survive in a tank unless it is very large

    Source(s): experience on the lakes of wisconsin
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