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Do lobsters really make a screaming sound when put into boiling water ?

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    Yes they do scream when you put them in boiling water. Is this the answer you wanted? Do you really think that lobsters can scream? I didn't think most people were that stupid. Lobsters are creatures that live under water. Their mouths' did not evolve to create sound. The hissing sound that is heard when lobsters are put in boiling water is steam escaping from their shells.

    Just so you know... the hissing sound is barely audible. You really have to listen for it. I don't ever boil them. I steam them. The sound is a little more pronounced when you use the steaming method. Don't worry, the poor lobsters don't suffer much. Heat kills the nerves in a matter of seconds.

    One time I was burnt very badly from a deep fryer. The pain only lasted for about a fraction of a second. After that, I didn]t feel a thing. All the nerves were dead at that point.

    Lobsters are also very delicious!

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    No. They don't make any noises. If it bothers you to boil them alive you can pith them in the top of the head immediately before cooking (this means take a very sharp knife and plunge it into the shell right above where you think the brain is). This will kill the lobster , but the meat will still be fresh. Oh- be careful not to injure yourself with the knife as a lobster's shell is fairly hard.

  • Clare
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    1 decade ago

    No, they don't scream. They aren't capable of making any vocal sounds. The noise you can sometimes hear is the hot air escaping from the shell, rather like a whistling teakettle.

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    1 decade ago

    If they do, then they must be screaming for help...

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