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Where to find a Team USA baseball cap, the one the baseball team wears?

Does anyone know where to buy (online) the game cap that the usa baseball team wears? FYI it's made by new era, just it's not on the new era site. Please help.

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    The Durham Bulls' site has it for $29.99. I've looked for it extensively myself, and I've found various versions of it: adjustable, a World Baseball Classic version of the hat, batting practice style, and even a red one, but this is the only one I've found that's authentic: wool, fitted, navy color, with the flag on the back. I'm about to order one myself, hopefully it's just as advertised.

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    you could check some sites like ebay or type in team usa baseball merchandise in the google search bar.On ebay there is the classic one from 1996 going for $3.00. If you don't like it then look at different sites. Good Luck!

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    1 decade ago

    They have Team USA Ball Caps at AMAZON.COM.


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