Michigan State University?

I am thinking of going to MSU for a major in Communication.

If there are any persons who have or currently attend MSU, could you please tell me what campus life like?

What are the dorms like?

What are football games like?

and more

thank you for your time !


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    Michigan State University is a great schools. In fact, it's my top choice of Universities.

    I haven't attended the school as a student although I know people who have. The campus is nice and large, and you can tell the community/ students have lots of pride in its school. The dorms are decent, although there are many halls... so there are different options of rooms. I haven't been to one of their football games so I couldnt say...



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    Everybody in the CSF reunion group attended MSU in the middle 1950s, so we have little knowledge of what it is like now. We all enjoyed it back then. We have toured the campus on our reunions, but mainly the central campus sites and gardens. Yes, our friends from 50 years ago still get together every so often. I'm the corresponding secretary for the reunions. 20 to over 30 attend each time from as far away as Hawaii, Arizona, California, Texas and Maine. Some of us are still close via email and occassional visits.

    Find some groups that might provide you with friends into the future, as well as activities while at MSU. You might find your future mate while washing dishes, singing in a choir or painting a stage flat.

    Because the school is so big, I would suggest you find one or more groups to join as soon as possible, once on campus. Go to the library, get out last year's annual and go through the groups listed. Find a group or two that follows your interests, both current and long range.

    We all conducted most of our social life out of College House, owned by Peoples Church, which at the time, was supported by the 5 major protestant denominations. Since then, several of the denominations have set up their own student centers and fragmented what we knew.

    Our events then included theatricals, canoe trips, weekend retreats, supper club, parties, choir, speakers, groups to attend games, concerts, & movies and a lot more. Most of the girls I dated were from the group and/or from the freshman camp the Y conducted the weekend before school started. In those days, the Y was just across the street and many of the same people participated in events at both. Many still married couples met there.

    Today, College House has been replaced by a garden. People's Church has a small group that meets in the church but I don't now much about their activities beyond the Saturday evening discussion group I attended at one of the reunions


    Just remember, education is the main reason for being there, with social life only a close second.

    Good luck at MSU

    Harvey Versteeg, MSU '56

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