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英翻中 要能明確明白涵義 我不要網路翻的 希望有人幫我翻

Thinking About Tomorrow著是一篇 英文 文章






Get Senior Executives Involved

Strong forecasting needs support from senior executives because of the resources required.

Update 2:

For starters, executives need to approve the purchase and installation of state-of-the-art technology that will increase and enhance collection and sharing of data.

Update 3:

They also need to hire professionals trained in the latest methods of planning and forecasting. And to increase cooperation between departments, a change in corporate culture may be necessary. None of these things tend to happen without the commitment of senior executives.

Update 4:

One way to get the attention of key executives is to calculate what a one-percentage-point improvement in forecast accuracy may mean to the company. As supplies come closer to demand,

Update 5:

customers can buy more, stores return less, and more revenue goes straight to the bottom line instead of paying for excess storage and handling. For a large company, it could add millions of dollars to the bottom line.

Update 6:

A look at Johnson & Johnson Co.'s LifeScan unit, where one of the co-authors of this article formerly worked, shows the difference committed executives can make.

Update 7:

In 1999, sales forecasts for the maker of diabetic-testing materials and equipment were driven by the sales and marketing departments using standard business software.The unit-volume forecasts proved overoptimistic for several consecutive periods,

Update 8:

and large amounts of inventory piled up. Senior J&J managers then decided to step in, implementing a more collaborative, cross-functional process.

Update 9:

They designed a task force to fully implement a planning process using monthly sales and operations meetings.

Update 10:

This required senior marketing managers to attend supply-planning review meetings to better understand demand and supply issues. Marketing directors were required to review summaries of those meetings so they could speak effectively on key issues in monthly meetings with senior executives.

Update 11:

The change effectively raised the level of responsibility for aligning marketing and supply outlooks to the level of senior managers and directors, requiring each of them to sign off on the monthly sales.

Update 12:

marketing and supply plans. With that, results improved, and today, such procedures and state-of-the-art forecasting tools are used throughout J&J. A spokesman for the New Brunswick, N.J., company declined to comment.

Update 13:



Update 14:


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    首先,行政人員需要批准購買和安裝的國家- - -最先進的技術,將擴大和加強收集和共享的數據。










    市場營銷和供應計劃。這一點,結果改善,今天,這樣的程序和國家- - -藝術的預測工具是用於整個在J & j.發言人為新不倫瑞克,新澤西州,公司拒絕對此發表評論。

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    TO John 不!那你就錯了 不想幫他翻譯 那就代表你太XXXXXX了 只要那個人有心意 我相信一定就翻的出來

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