Cereal in formula for Acid Reflux?

My son is 7 weeks and has severe Acid Reflux (they ruled out GI Reflux). He has almost finally found a formula that works with him, is on Zantac and now the pediatrician said to put rice cereal in his formula. She never specified how much and I wanted to do it for his bedtime bottle (he wakes up once a night, if that- i know, im lucky on that front!). How much is a good amount. The box says 1 tablespoon but that makes me nervous because he is not old enough to be having rice cereal if he did not have reflux. Has anyone's pediatricians told them a certain amount for the problem of reflux??

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    My doctor as well diagnosed my son with acid reflux at 1 month old and recommended putting rice cereal in his bottle. What I did was saved an empty formula can and scoop ( I use powder) I poured the cereal in the can (1- 8 oz. box fits perfectly) and used the scoop. For a 6 oz bottle I put half a scoop of cereal. He is now drinking 8 oz bottles and I put 3/4 of a scoop in each bottle. It has worked REALLY well. I could see a change in him almost immediately. He went from projectile puking halfway across the room 3-4 times after every bottle to just spitting up on his shirt once or twice after his bottle. He is now 6 months old and very rarely spits up anymore so I am about to start weaning him off the cereal and putting him back on just formula to see if he can handle it now.

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    With my first I did this due to GERD I didn't have much luck with it. We change the meds to a strong reflux med prevacid and it worked better then I could of hoped for. My son was not gaining weight due to spitting up all the time. My second son also has this and I didn't try the cereal thing this time at all. But if he has a milder form of reflux I say go for it. I was using 1 tablespoon for a 6-8 oz feed.

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    Be prepared for VERY strong opinions on this. Even though your doctor told you to do it, some will say your doctor is wrong.

    My son is a big spitter, and his doctor also recommended he get some cereal in his formula. For 6 ounces, I put a teaspoon and a half. It slightly thickens the formula and it has been a great help. He still spits occasionally, but it's nothing like before.

    Just make sure with his doctor the amount your boy should be having.

    Good luck!

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