Anyone knows anything about the European airlines EasyJet? i am planning a Euro trip and I need help!!?

I want to go backpacking in Europe, and I want to fly easy Jet, between the cities I want to visit. I think this will save money and time instead of taking the train. the thing is, I will be getting my reservations with EasyJet in advance, for about 10 trips. Any advise on that? any hidden fees, any canceled flights, are they usually on time? any tips at all? thanks a lot in advance..


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  • 1 decade ago
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    EasyJet is OK, I had no problems with their service and I have used them often.

    But to get a good price you need to book early, and you can not change your date or time of flight.

    And while a flight often only takes an hour, two at most, you will loose half a day for the travel, with getting to the airport, arriving early for check-in and security checks, and sometimes also passport checks.

    And when comparing prices, look for the check-in luggage fee too.

    If you have more than just one small bag, and when you need to take fluids, (shampoo, deo, toothpaste and so on,) you are very restricted in the amount you can take as hand luggage.

    And do also count the amount of money needed to get to and from the airport. In some places that can be rather much.

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    no easyjet are fine. Book online, the only extra fees are airport and fuel taxes which will be calculated when you purchase them. They are a budget airline so don't expect quality service, but they are satisfactory. Every easyjet flight I have been on has had screaming children and dirty old slappers, but you get what you pay for.

  • 1 decade ago

    Flew EasyJet from London-Athens and Amsterdam-London. They were fine, but be careful about the weight of your bag, their limit is 20 kg and they charge a whole lot per kg on top of that. I had to pay 18 pounds!

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