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Youtube and Video editing help!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!?

1.)Yeah i was wondering what was a good free video editor, like windows movie editor but WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!

2.) I was wondering how to get a high pitch voice kinda like fred on youtube

3.) I was wondering how to have 2 of me at the same time in a vid! And then maybe have one of me dissapere ,having only one of me left! (yeah i know a little confusing) Maybe this will help

Youtube thumbnail


Youtube thumbnail

... <------ start watching

at 1.56 min

Thankyou 4 all the help!

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    This is very difficult what you want to do. Inter video WinDVD creator 2 is pretty good. is a fairly good one. But I would recommend going with a program that costs a little. The high pitch voice I would recommend a program like Morphvox pro that is a free download program for changing your voice. For the part three of your question I don't think you would be able to do that with a free program. I like using Pinnacle Studio it is on the pricey side but it is worth it. I would reccommend before buying it go to their website and talk to a specialist either on line chat or email and ask them how to do something like that. Hope this helps.

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