What does non-mahram mean?

Some people here were calling me non-mahram or something.


Because I asked this question about this guy that I like, and that he talks to me, and people here said it's haram for two non mahrams to fraternise with each other.

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    A non-mahram is someone who you can marry, someone who you should cover yourself in front of - whereas if you are Mahram to someone, you cannot marry them - your brother, father, uncle, etc.

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    Salam for you Shakila Rahman.The answer of a sister called herself Peace and Love is right about mahram in details.So non mahram is the guys just out of that details for you. who can get married with you.

    Yes it is right that two non mahrams (you and your guy) are not allowed or haram to fraternise with each other because infact you are both non mahrams.You can not go out only both and are not accompa

    nied by your mahram,because the third will be syaitan or iblis who will disturb you both.for bad doings

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    Answer of Peace and Love is right about mahram in details

    Someone you can get marry is non Mahram, with them you can not be alone or travell It is haram in Islam

    Source(s): Jazakallahu Khair
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    A non-mahram is someone you could get married to. A mahram is someone you can't get married to.

    Example of mahram: your brother

    Example of non-mahram: your cousin (I know some people find that disgusting, but it's not that disgusting to me)

    Hope this helped!

    Your sister,

    Jee Jee


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    So let me break it down for you :)

    1. permanent or blood mahrams with whom you become mahram by a blood relationship:

    1. father, grandfather, great-grandfather and so on;

    2. brother;

    3. son, grandson, great-grandson;

    4. uncle, parents' uncle, grandparents' uncle and so on;

    5. nephew, grandnephew, great-grandnephew and so on;

    2. in-law mahrams with whom you become mahram by marrying someone:

    1. father-in-law;

    2. son-in-law;

    3. step-father (mother's husband) if their marriage is consummated;

    4. step-son (husband's son) if her marriage is consummated;

    3. rada or milk-suckling mahrams with whom you become mahram because of being nursed by a woman. When a woman acts as a wet nurse (that is, she breast feeds an infant that is not her own child) for a certain amount of time under certain conditions, she becomes the child's rada mother and all said about blood mahrams applies here, like rada father/mother, rada sister/brother, rada aunt/uncle and so on. In English these can be referred to as milk brother, milk-mother, etc...

    I hope I that's answers your question. You can speak to any guy-mahrams above and also if you would to preform Hajj you would have to take a Mahram. :)

    Peace And Love...........................................

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    ur father and your brother is only mahram all other are non mahram after ur married ur husband is mahram

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    Mahram is your brother, father, or uncle. anyone else is Non.

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    1 decade ago

    plz look sura 33

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    1 decade ago

    Someone you can get married to.

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