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Can the meaning Reading between Lines?

mean talking over someone head or what do reading between lines really mean. I kinda have an idea I just would like to know if I'm right, so can anyone give me an example.

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    Reading between the lines would be the same as using coded speech. It is an indirect form of communication where the real message that someone is trying to convey is hidden or obscured in how they say.

    Personally, if I have to read between the lines, I tune out. I prefer direct communication.

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    I think that reading between the lines can have a different meaning for everyone. For example, lawyers and detectives use reading between the lines to find the real reasons for a criminal committing a crime. Philosophers read between the lines to find a hidden meaning in pieces of literature. I hope your definition was found in there somewhere.

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    n my eyes readin between the lines mean if someone is talkin to u or someone else and they dont want others around to know whats goin on they try to talk in codes so that the person they were directing the statement to can read in between the lines of that conversation to know exactly what is goin on

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    Better have an attorney to twist and bend the meaning to your advantage and explain all the pitfalls for the meaning is not explicitly written in the text - but implied to be understood.

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    It just means to see an implied meaning.

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