Did George Bush kill the republican party?

If not bush, then who or what did, because I can smell it from here, and it doesn't smell good. btw i'm NOT a liberal, I just want to know where the republican party went wrong.

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  • Mark T
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    1 decade ago
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    The short answer is that both parties screwed themselves when they stopped working for the people, and started finding ways of playing to "special interests".

    Republicans figured family values and embracing evangelism/fundamentalism would keep attention away from the real power-centers, such as Fox and the various military-industrial interests.

    When it dawned on the evangelical community that "one of their own" was finally president, and he did next to nothing to actually promote the values he was implicitly elected to support and then tolerated the rampant abuses throughout the government, pretty much the Evangelical communities abandoned the Republican party , leading to the widespread election of Democratic candidates in 2006, a similar result is anticipated broadly in both the remaining Senate and Congressional seats in 2008 for the same reason.

    To be perfectly fair however, the fault lies NOT with the evangelicals but with the idea of electability by virtue of playing to a constituency while not necessarily truly representing their interests.

    In this way, it's very likely the Republican party will split 1 or 2 ways into two or three distinct entities over the next few years, based largely on the anatomy which more or less breaks out below.

    1. A social conservative party, which quite conceivably could nominate and win elections, based primarily off of the evangelical / religious values voters.

    2. An old-school conservative party, which actually seeks the tennents of conservatism, (small government, small military, austerity, and accountability)

    3. A Neoconservative "parasite" party, which is actually much smaller in constituency than either of the two, but which had nearly total and completely disproportionate control over foreign policy. This parasite party is - despite others desires to merge / paint the conservatives and neoconservatives with the same brush, two, quite DISTINCT, in many important respects elements of the party.

    Conservatives, have a long and venerable tradition within the United States, that said, there are some important issues facing our nation which traditionally conservatives have failed to effectively address, and which have no easy answers, - such as crushing national debt, and over-obligation of the tax-base - to say nothing of other responsibilities.

    It is not in my estimation an exaggeration to suggest that Neoconservatives elements are basically a parasite or cancer of political ideology which represent all the worst elements of dubious national loyalty, obscurantism, militarism and fringe radicalism (self described as radicals rather than conservatives, by their own admission). Basically these guys are a "war" party, searching for some other larger group to support their electability and then their aims and may rightly be seen as very dangerous to other nations as well as our own.

    How exactly this all shakes out is anyone's guess.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When the republicans decided to be the tool of the Super Rich it was a deal with the Devil. Then all they had from that point were the lies - everything was a lie - "Clear Skies Initiative" - "Healthy Forest Initiative" - "No White Child Left Behind" - "War on Terror". Everything was a cynical lie.

    The republicans were able to hide this fact behind a wall of propaganda until is came to Bushy - he's so stupid he couldn't cover up for how crooked he was. So yes - Bushy put the republicans out of business. And if they get "elected" again, it's a real bad sign for this country.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no, bush pushed the party to it's limit. The people who supported him were fooled, and to this day they are some of the most idiotic people in politics. their self-destructive nature will bring about the death of this country, and World War 3.

    In other words, the people who support bush killed not only the republican party, but likely this country. I don't think anyone is 100% convinced that this country isn't screwed. Right now, I honestly don't think Obama can "change" enough of this country to make a difference, nor can anybody else for that matter.

    I think a meteor should just put us all out of our misery because this world is Bullsh i t. One glance into the minds of certain people that have answered this question will tell you clearly how screwed we really are.

  • Jen
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    1 decade ago

    Bush was the spokesman for a party that produced nothing but turmoil for the last few decades. The combination of Rove (domestic policy wonk and Bush's brain) and Cheney (chicken hawk supreme) was deadly. Pandering was the name of the game for Rove, and he knew Bush would be able to charm his way into making voters believe he was simply a good ole boy that they'd like to kick back and drink a beer with. Cheney's (Dr. Doom) fear-based foreign policy was subjected to the test, and we all lost because of his ideological incompetence. Your question deserves a more thorough answer, but rest assured the Republicans lost their way before they inanely sought to impeach Clinton over a personal matter.

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  • Well since the polls are all tied up, I would think just the opposite. The majority of Americans don't buy into this I hate Bush attitude that the Liberal Media gives them. If the Republican party was dead, Obama would be running away with this election and he's not.

    If you think about it, Democrats aren't doing that much better. The Democratic Congress has a lower approval rating than Bush. I thought you may have forgotten that.

  • 1 decade ago

    He not only made the party look like idiots, but took the country down with him. Obama will fix it but it will take time. After all, Bush took 8 years to destroy all the good Clinton did and now Obama has to straighten up his mess.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, Bush did some not-so-great things. However, he's interested in protecting this country from terrorism, and also starting a whole global movement towards making this world a safer place to live. If more countries lending bigger support, we would more easily squash the terrorist organizations. Why does not everyone see the future threats these organizations pose, should they grow larger and stronger?

    Barack Obama wants to "talk" with leaders who have a terrorist, communist and socialist agenda. It's clear, and scary.

  • 1 decade ago

    Regarding the border with Mexico, Bush did a lot of damage all right. Republicans used to be more firm in standing up for our nation. The illegal invasion from a border country is practically an act of war and the Constitution mandates our Government repel that invasion - drive it off our soil!

    Otherwise, he's done a fairly good job.

  • 1 decade ago

    He did damage, but once he's gone and some of the old guard in Congress leave, I'm sure it'll make a comeback. Not that it would be much of an improvement in our current "duopoly" but it wouldn't "die."

  • 1 decade ago

    No. Bush did not kill the republican party. But MCCAIN is sure doing a wonderful job of turning today's modern republican into yesterdays democrat. All too willing to compromise with liberals, appease liberals, and meet them half way in the name of fairness. When in actuality we need a true conservative who doesn't compromise his principles just to appease the left. WHERE IS RONALD REAGAN WHEN WE NEED HIM?

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