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Why does my husband's mom still dress and act like a teen?

OK I can probably give you a round about reason being: she became a parent at 18, 22, 29 and 30. She didn't really have the later teenage years to go out and have fun. So now she's wearing my sister in law's jeans and t-shirts (and stretching out the boobs!) and squeezing into a few pairs of jeans that I gave my skinny sister in law that I used to wear. She also dies her hair this reddish brown color. One time I saw her outside with her back turned and I said to my husband, "WHO is THAT?!" She didn't even look like herself because she just was at the salon getting a new dye job. Her hair is also more than half way down her back and it doesn't look right on someone who's 40. A lot of her tops show way too much cleavage (wrinkly and gross cleavage). And a lot of times, I feel a bit offended by the length of her skirts, shorts, and shirts. I dont' feel like I can say anything to her because maybe these are the clothes she had since she was 15. I wish someone would hand her a book on aging or something. I desperately wish this woman would accept the fact that she won't be 18 forever. I saw pictures of her when my husband was 2 yrs. old and it was the same length as now, and she had a mega perm! So I don't know what's the matter with this style depraved woman. I'm not saying she should wear old lady clothes, just something less revealing! I'm 20 and I dont' even wear clothes that look like that. Heck, some people might think I look older than her!


My baby is 9 months old, too young to notice that, but she did spit up down grandma's top on New Year's Eve. And boy was I glad! She had on the lowest cut shirt I'd ever seen! It's just not right for someone that age to wear something so revealing! Gravity works on the human body!

Update 2:

When her mid-life crisis is over, what will she be like? An older lady? Because sometimes it feels like she tries to compete with me. It creeps me out how she steals the hand me downs that I gave to my sister in law and wears them.

Update 3:

Janet, I'm 20 and have no problem accepting that I've aged from 15 to 20 in 5 years. She hasn't quite hit the 16 year old mark in her outfits. When I'm 40, I'll be glad I'm only 40. I won't try to offend the young and show them what God gave me 25 years ago (breasts). I thought all the girls in high school were show offs with their breasts because they were new, why is she still doing it?

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    Let me give you advice from a 50 year old lady. No I don't dress young. I can relate to your mother in law. The hardest thing a woman can give up is youth and beauty.You said it she had kids young, she gave up her youth to raise kids, did she do ok with your husband? You say it creeps you out wonder how you will feel in 20 years? It is not your place to tell her how she looks. So have a talk with your husband have her to tone it down Doe's she have a daughter or sister to talk to about it. You must not be the one to tell her it will cause problems. Be cosiderate she has feeling and you will be her age one day.

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    I have been reading all of your other posts and trying very hard to not get worked up over them. I wish people could read them so they could get a better picture of your out look.

    If I didn't know better I would think you are jealous of her. You have not one good word to say about her. You criticize her for everything. She can't buy the right walker for your child. Any gift she gives you belittle. So what if they are meant for a three year old. Thank her and save them for when your daughter in older.

    You treat her with no respect and say that you hate her and have went off on her and told her as much. Not to mention the issue of your husband leaving home at a young age. Your e-mails to her are extremely disrespectful.

    She is now attempting to make things right. She tries to take you on family outings and trips, she buys your baby gifts, she tries to spend time with you and your family. Everything she tries to do you defeat her at every turn. Honestly I feel sorry for you. She is trying to give you the world and all you do is spit in her face.

    Your immaturity is obvious. I really, really think you are jealous of her. I know you will never admit it. What she wears is none of your concern. If it is that awful she is the one making a fool out of herself. Why do you all of a sudden care about her?

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    She doesn't want to face the fact shes ageing. She wants to try to relive the teenage years she never got. If you have a child you can tell her it is a bad influence to your child. You can also offer to go shopping with her and help her pick out new clothes. Shell figure out soon enough that baby-phat isn't for 40 year olds.

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    I'm aware this is not what you want to hear...but i have to say, she dresses like that because she wants to. She may never change the way she dresses , try accept her as she is ..a human being with feelings .

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    she is having a mid life crises

    my friends mom went through this it will be over soon trust me

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    Midlife crisis. She'll get over it...

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    cuz its her life , not yours so accept and get over it

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