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Veterinary Assistant vs Veterinary Technician?

I'm going for a job interview tomorrow for a Veterinary assistant but I'm not to sure on what this job entails. What exactly is the difference between a Vet assistant and a Vet Tech?? About how much on average is a Vet assistant paid?? Any information on being a Veterinary Assistant will be graciously appreciated.


I live in New Orleans Louisiana and the hospital I'm going to the interview for is pretty upscale and high tech.

Update 2:

What do you do as a vet assistant?? pick up poop help with examines??

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    Although the duties will vary depending on the particular clinic, the two positions really come down to education and training. Veterinary Assistants are people who have worked around animals, are comfortable with clerical duties, and are willing to perform other tasks (dog walking, cleaning kennels, feeding, holding animals still for the doctor, etc.).

    Veterinary Technicians on the other hand are usually trained, often certified to perform more than just basic tasks. They often will collect blood/stool/urine samples, prep animals for surgery (shaving), and even perform small procedures such as cleaning wounds and bandaging. They may also still do some of the tasks an assistant might. Because they have these skills, techs usually make more than assistants.

    If the clinic you're considering is hiring an assitant, you should probably expect the pay to be an hourly rate... probably in the neighborhood of $8 - $12 per hour (depends a lot on where you live in the country and just how in need the clinic is).

    Source(s): My brother in law is a veterinarian and I used to work for an animal pharmaceutical company.
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    A veterinary assistant is like a medical assistant. They can do a limited amount of stuff with patients. A Veterinary Technician is more like a nurse. I don't know where you live so I can't say what the pay would be. Usually Vet Asst. get minimum wage or a little bit more.

    Source(s): I was a Vet Tech
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    Do you live near bentonville arkansas? I only ask because I see that job in our paper a lot recenlty.

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    talk to the vet person and then you will get the answer. just say what is on your mind ok and it will work. don't trust me

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