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Veterinary assistant vs Veterinary Technician?

I'm going for a job interview tomorrow for a Veterinary assistant but I'm not to sure on what this job entails. What exactly is the difference between a Vet assistant and a Vet Tech?? About how much on average is a Vet assistant paid?? Any information on being a Veterinary Assistant will be graciously appreciated.

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    To be a Vet. Tech requires college and a degree, to be a Vet. Assistant usually is on the job training. The job description is very different as Technicians are certified by the state. Pay depends on experience and location but usually don't get paid that great.

    Source(s): Former Vet. Tech of 9 yrs. ( Bad pay--the reason I'm in human medicine now).
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    A vet tech generally has at least an associates degree in that subject, and I believe they may need to be licensed. They are then allowed to do more procedures on their own than a veterinary assistant is. I used to be a veterinary assistant, and the pay really varies depending on who you work for. Vet assistants can make anywhere from minimum wage to $20 an hour (that I've heard of). But you probably wouldn't get to the upper end of the pay spectrum unless you've been doing it for a long time.

    Source(s): former veterinary assistant
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    A veterinary assistant is like a medical assistant. They can do a limited amount of stuff with patients. A Veterinary Technician is more like a nurse. I don't know where you live so I can't say what the pay would be. Usually Vet Asst. get minimum wage or a little bit more.

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    a vet technician went to school, for an assistant i don't think schooling is necessary. not sure though, good luck!

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