How to print a flash page of a website?

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How can I print a website page with full pictures? Website page I am trying to print among others is a page from with the pictures. It is a flash site so I more
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  • Niki answered 6 years ago
My first thought is to take a screen shot and then paste it into any kind of software (GIMP, MS Paint, MS Word, Photoshop) that allows you to manipulate pictures. Then use the print command within the software.
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  • Codej answered 6 years ago
    If you have a Print Screen button (PrntScrn), then press that, which will copy everything on your screen to the clipboard (screenshot), then you can open something like Microsoft Paint or any similar program and Paste (ctrl+v) the image. If the flash page is too large to fit in one screen, you may have to cut and paste multiple times. Sorry, I believe this is the best solution, however inconvenient.
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  • julieisbest answered 6 years ago
    If it is Flash I don't think you can. You could use the Print Screen key to copy the visible area of the screen but I don't know if that will get you the results you are looking for.
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  • William B answered 6 years ago
    Use the Prnt Scrn button on your keyboard. Paste into paint and edit as you see fit.
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  • mk.butch answered 6 years ago

    the easiest way is to user "print screen" on your keyboard and paste the image into an image editing tool. cut the borders and there you go.

    if you want the source files stored in the .swf file you can do the following.

    1- right click the page on your browser and find (f3) .swf
    2- copy the link for the .swf file and download it using your favorite downloading tool.
    3- use a flash decompiler application to extract all media stored in the .swf flash file. that will extract all images stored within the file neatly.

    you can find one on the below link


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  • The Man Of Destiny answered 6 years ago
    i think you copy paste
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