How can I handle deferred adjudication?

5 years ago a temp agency I worked for came back 6 months after I had worked there claiming I had been paid for a day I did not work. I did not know of this until a warrant was issued. I then had to go post bond, turn myself in, and sit in jail for 12 hours while I was processed. I hired a cheap attorney and she laughed at my case and told me it would be simple and that paying the money back would be my best bet. This was regardless of the fact that the timesheet that they claim I was overpaid for was signed as always. I only had worked there for a couple of months, and this was six months later so I could not honestly say if it was a day off or not. Anyway, I ended up getting deferred adjudication. Did my silly 9 months probation and was under the impression, as she had told me, that it would go away. Well, it didn't. And now I am getting turned down for work right and left because my record says theft 50-500. As if I stole a TV from Walmart or something crazy like that. No one will listen to me, they just tell me I am "uneligible" to work for them. This garbage needs to be off my record (which other than that, THERE IS NO RECORD!). I feel I was lied to about deferred adjudication. Had I known all this would be the result, I would have been determined to fight it back then. Too late now I know, and as I have never been in trouble before, I just went with what was told. Point is, now I feel screwed and any help in what I can do to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. I can't get work!!!!!!

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    Petition the court of record for an expungment, go into court and explain the problems you are having securing employment and the judge will usually grant it if you do not have any other criminal history, and expungment erases it as though it never happened and it will not show on a background check.

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