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What are the bands/musicians you like from A-Z?

A - Arch Enemy

B - Blind Guardian

C - Children of Bodom

D - Demons and Wizards

E - Ensiferum

F - Finntroll

G - Geddy Lee (can't think of a band, lol)

H - Hammerfall

I - Iron Maiden

J - Judas Priest

K - Kamelot

L - Led Zeppelin

M - Meshuggah

N - Nightwish

O - Opeth

P - Page, Jimmy

Q - Queensryche

R - Rhapsody of Fire

S - Soilwork

T - Tarja Turunen

U - Uematsu, Nobuo

V - Vintersong

W - William, Cliff

X - none

Y - none

Z - none


Is my Q torture?

Update 2:

It sucks to be at level 1.

Now I've got no choice but ask questions!

Damn that answer limit!!!

35 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    A -Arch Enemy

    B -Black Sabbath

    C - CCR

    D - Deep Purple

    E - Exodus

    F - Faith No More

    G - GnR

    H - Helloween

    I - Iron Maiden

    J - Judas Priest

    K - Kreator

    L - Led Zeppelin

    M - Ministry

    N - Nine Inch Nails

    O - Opeth

    P - Pantera

    Q - Queensryche

    R - Rush

    S - Slayer

    T - Testament

    U - Union Underground

    V - Van Halen

    W - White Zombie

    X - ?

    Y - none

    Z - ZZ Top

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  • The Amity Affliction



    The Dillinger Escape Plan


    From The Shallows

    The Gaslight Anthem


    I, Sleepwalker

    Jack The Giant Killer

    Killing The Dream

    Light This City

    Misery Signals


    On Broken Wings

    Parkway Drive

    The Quickening

    The Red Shore

    Shai Hulud

    Texas Is The Reason


    The Vows

    Winter Solstice


    Your Demise


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  • Izaak
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    1 decade ago

    A- against me!

    B- Bloodhound gang

    C- CKY

    D- deftones

    E- Every Time I Die

    F- From Autumn To Ashes

    G- Gogol Bordello

    H- He Is Legend

    I- Immortal Technique

    J- Job For A Cowboy

    K- Korn

    L- Lynyrd Skynyrd

    M- Mastodon

    N- Nine Inch Nails

    O- Opeth

    P- Protest The Hero

    Q- Queens of the stone age

    R- Rage Against The Machine

    S- System Of A Down

    T- Tool

    U- Unearth

    V- Vital Remains

    W- Weird Al Yankovic

    X- none

    Y- none

    Z- Zero Cipher

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  • 1 decade ago

    A- the Arcade Fire

    B- Beatles

    C- Coldplay

    D- Daft Punk

    E- Electric Light Orchestra

    F- the Flamin Lips (FAVORITE)

    G- Green Day, the Grateful Dead

    H- the Hoosiers, Hilltop Hoods

    I- none

    J- Jimmi Hendrix, Jonathan Coulton

    K- Kansas, Kid Rock

    L- Lynard Skynard, Led Zepplin

    M- My Chemical Romance, Maroon 5

    N- Nirvana,

    O- the Offspring

    P- Pearl Jam

    Q- Queen

    R- R.E.M, Radiohead, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Reel Big Fish, Rihanna

    S- Simon and Garfunkel, Shiny Toy Guns

    T- none

    U- U2

    V- Van Morrison

    W- the Who

    X- none

    Y- none

    Z- none

    Probably a couple other strays i cant think of at the moment

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  • 1 decade ago

    A - Arsis

    B - Bloodbath

    C - Cavalera Conspiracy

    D - Dark Tranquillity

    E - Eluveitie

    F - Fear Factory

    G - Gorjira

    H - Heaven Shall Burn

    I - In Flames

    J - Job For A Cowboy

    K - Kataklysm

    L - Lamb Of God

    M - Machine Head

    N - Nevermore

    O - Opeth

    P - Panzerchrist

    Q - Queensryche

    R - Raintime

    S - Sentenced

    T - Threat Signal

    U - Unearth

    V - Vader

    W - Wintersun

    X - none

    Y - none

    Z - Zao

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  • A - Aerosmith, Arcade, Alice In Chains, AC/DC

    B - Beatles, Boston, Bon Jovi, Bad Company

    C - Candlebox, Culture Club

    D - Duran Duran, Doors,Dwight Yoakam, Def Leppard

    E - Every Mother's Nightmare

    F - Firehouse, Faster Pussycat

    G - Gun n Roses, Gary Allan

    H - Hootie and the Blowfish

    I - INXS

    J - Jackyl

    K - Kansas

    L - Led Zeppelin , Lynard Skynard

    M - Metallica, Megadeth

    N - Nirvana

    O - none

    P - Pearljam, Poison, Prince, Police

    Q - Queensryche

    R - Ratt

    S - Slaughter, Soungarden,Skid Row

    T - Tesla, Tora Tora, Trixter

    U - Ugly Kid Joe

    V - Vixen, Van Halen

    W - Warrant, White Lion

    X - none

    Y - none

    Z - ZZ Top

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Bad Religion


    Dead Kennedy's

    The Exploited

    Flogging Molly

    Gogol Bordello


    Iggy Pop

    John Cougar Concentration Camp

    Kultur Shock

    Leftover Crack

    Mindless Self Indulgence


    Operation Ivy


    The Queers


    Social Distortion

    The Tossers

    The Unseen

    The Vandals

    Whole Wheat Bread

    X-Ray Spex

    Youth Brigade


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  • 1 decade ago

    A- Alarum, Atheist, Aghora, Arcturus, Anthrax

    B- Bathory, Beherit, Brain Drill, Brutus, The Berzerker, Bestial Warlust

    C- Carcass, Cynic, Christ Agony

    D- Decrepit Birth, Death, Deeds Of Flesh, Disgorge, Damaged

    E- Emperor, Embryonic Devourment, Enslaved

    F- F*ck... I'm Dead, Flesh Consumed,

    G- Guttural Secrete, Gnostic

    H- Hendrix, Halford

    I- Intense Hammer Rage, Ihsahn, Iron Maiden

    J- Judas Priest, Joy Division

    K- Karcius, Kyuss

    L- Led Zeppelin, Lard, Legionz Ov Hell

    M- Megadeth, The Mars Volta, Mr Bungle

    N- Nazxul, Napalm Death, Nirvana

    0- Odious Mortem

    P- Psycroptic, Paganini, Pink Floyd, Paul Kelly

    Q- Queen

    R- Rancid Sh*t ****, Revolting Cocks

    S- Striborg, Sadistik Exekution, Stravinsky, Soundgarden

    T- Tool, Twisted Sister

    U- Unexpect, Ugly Kid Joe, Unreal Overflows

    V- Von, Vorak, Visceral Bleeding, Vomit Remnants

    W- Whitesnake

    X- Xasthur

    Y- Yes, You Am I

    Z- Zappa

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  • Ariana
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    A- Accept

    B- Bolt Thrower

    C- Celtic Frost

    D- Destruction

    E- Exciter

    F- Flotsam and Jetsam

    G- Gamma Ray

    H- Helloween

    I- In Flames

    J- Judas Priest

    K- Kataklysm

    L- Led Zeppelin

    M- Mortification

    N- Norther

    O- Obituary

    P- Pink Floyd

    Q- Queen

    R- Rudimentary Peni

    S- Suicidal Tendencies

    T- Testament


    V- Vio-Lence

    W- Whiplash



    Z- ZZ Top

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  • 1 decade ago

    A - Atreyu/ Anthrax

    B - Beastie Boys / Black Flag

    C - Cinema Bizzare

    D - Disturbed

    E - Emery

    F - Five Finger Death Punch

    G - Green Day

    H - Hot Like (a) Robot

    I - I am Ghost

    J - Jimi Hendrix

    K - Kill Hannah

    L - Leatehrmouth / Linkin Park

    M - My Chemical Romance /Mindless Self Indulgence / The Misfits

    N - Nirvana / Nine Inch Nails

    O - Offspring

    P - Pencey Prep / Panic! at the Disco

    Q - Queens of the Stone Age

    R - Ramones

    S - Saosin

    T - Taking Back Sunday

    U - Underoath

    V - Veronicas

    W - Weezer / The Wombats

    X - none

    Y - Yellowcard

    Z - none

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