Richard & Judy. Your Opinion?

Okay, this might seem a little pointless, but does anyone else apart from me think Richard & Judy are the most annoying and ridiculous TV presenters to have ever appeared on our screens? They are over-excited, and simply annoying.

I happened to flick over to channel 4 at 5:45pm, as I was planning on watching The Simpsons at 6:00pm. So I flicked over, and lo and behold, Richard & Judy were showing. I left it on, as I was busy anyway, and they were interviewing Ricky Jervais. Now, Ricky Jervais is funny, as I have watched his shows, like The Office or Extras, but today he was more 'constricted'.

However, Judy was making a complete fool if herself by laughing at anything he said. And trust me. It wasn't chuckling. It was full on, over the top cackling. She annoyed me so much, it was unbelievable. She looked like she was going to wet herself, only the laughter looked very fake.

Meanwhile, Richard was tring to be funny, which clearly wasn't working. He was trying to be hilarious, and then laughing at his own jokes! I mean, come on! As if you do!?

So, I was just curious on how may others shared my opinion, and if you don't, who do you think is the most annoying TV presenter/s?

Thanks, Em. x

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    1 decade ago
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    OMG. Couldn't agree with you more. I thought everyone else liked them. Judy just sits there and lets Richard walk all over her and they always get off arguing which is really embarressing and cringey. They always go over the top with guests and Richard thinks he's so funny but he's really not. Apparently it's soon coming off the air so that'll be GOOOOOD!

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