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what is the average vertical jump for a 14 year old boy ?

mines 25

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    Typically between 15 and 28 inches, depending on your height and weight.

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    25 what 25???? No unit mentioned. So it's not a correct answer.

    lets do one thing ask 14 year old boys to jump vertically upward & measure it, then find out the average of the practical readings. The average reading will be your answer.

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    Start Jumping 9 -15 Inches Higher Today!

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    i'm 14 (gonna be 15 in june) and my vertical (remember, vertical is WITHOUT running first) is about 24-25 inches. (2 ft basically) btw: the reason i know is because when i stretch my arm up as high as it will go it's 7 ft. 5 inches. and then i can jump up and touch around 9 ft 6 inches (vertically).

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    quite right

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