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I'm out on bail. Husband file warrant app. against me for child abandonment. Will I have to go back to jail?

I have other criminal charges pending. He is just lying about child abandonment. He just want me lock up. My children need me 3 are with me, and 2 with there father.

Jonesboro, GA

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    The court will not "give" you a lawyer for a child custody case. You only have a right to a lawyer in a criminal case.

    If your husband has made a criminal complaint against you for abandonment, then you need a criminal lawyer. You may go to jail if you are convicted of criminal child abandonment/endangerment. But the state will have to prove the case.

    Get a lawyer asap.

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    If you are out on bail a condition of which is to obey all laws, sounds like the judge can revoke your bail based on the pending abandonment charge, you don't have to be convicted for this just charged by the D.A. which is apparently what you are saying happened. So yes in answer to your question you will have to go back to jail, even if you hire an attorney. The attorney may be able to get you out on bail again. Since you have other criminal charges pending, it looks to me that you should have some type of arrangements in place for someone to take care of your children when you ultimately end up doing your time, otherwise they will go to a children's shelter.

    Source(s): 30 years law enforcement
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    You need a lawyer to help you sort all this out. If the charges are false, then things should be ok. It sounds like your husband is using the kids as a weapon against you, and that is so wrong on so many levels.

    If you can't afford a lawyer, the court will give you one. In the mean time, just be the best mom you can be and let the courts do the rest.

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    I think its safe to assume that. maybe you could use the time to re-evaluate your life and change it for the better.

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