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Any nurses out there or

I have tested for hep last month and the hep panel came back negative and the no antibodies so this month I got blood work run again at a different doctors and my ast and y alt are normal which they were last month also the numbers are ast(17) and the alt(28)

But the way the test is type up confuses me. I m reading this test right

SGOT (AST) 17/UL 5-35

SGPT (ALT) 28/UL 7-56

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    Looks like your alt and ast levels are normal to me! :O)

    Also, you've been tested for hepatitis. I assume they did a hep panel. Since those results didn't find antibodies, your liver seems to be functioning fine.

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    normal SGOT 5-35 this is the expected range. yours is 17, SGPT 7-56 expected range, yours is 28 I agree it seems confusing if you haven't seen lab values before

    Source(s): work in hospital setting
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