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Oil Heat Vs. Gas Heat?

Does anybody (preferably in NY), know the cost of heating a home gas versus oil? i know square footage makes a difference and all, but ratio's will be fine.

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  • gizmoe
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    1 decade ago
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    You would need to know the cost of the fuel per unit of measurement and the efficiency of the furnace to compare.

    Here where I am at in Minnesota #2 fuel oil is $4.40 per gallon.

    If the furnace is an 80% AFUE model the fuel would cost you $39.00 for every MBTU (million BTU's) of heat output.

    Propane at $2.46 per gallon with an 80% furnace will cost $34.00 per MBTU.

    A 90% AFUE LP furnace would cost you $29.00 per MBTU at the same price per gallon.

    Natural gas is $1.30 per CCF and would cost $16.25 per MBTU if it were an 80% model and $14.50 with a 90% model.

    So if you switched from an 80% fuel oil furnace to a natural gas 90% model you would save almost 2/3 of your heating costs.

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  • Thor
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    1 decade ago

    In my area the City power company put out these figures for an average year's heat:

    Nat gas $461 to $730

    Electric heat pump $409-$511

    (our winters here are relatively mild. Heat pumps don't work below freezing and use electric backup)

    Electric heat about $1,023

    Oil @$4.75 a gal $1,462 to $2,315

    The ranges given are due to different furnace efficiencies.

    While costs vary "some" it is not to that large of a degree. And the cost ratios should remain the same (except for the heat pump) for colder areas or any size home.

    Good Luck.

    The current price of oil makes the choice rather obvious.

    A costly upfront cost but a heat pump with a gas furnace as backup would be the cheapest and would provide air conditioning as well.

    Heat pumps lose efficiency when the temps fall below about 45 degrees but above that temp they are the cheapest. So it depends on how much your are in that temperature range to justify the heat pump.

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  • 4 years ago

    Gas is usually cheaper, but not always; gas and oil prices can vary depending on your location. A heating contractor in your area could certainly run the numbers for you. Besides price, the pros of gas heat are that supplies tend to be more reliable and delivery is automatic, although gas lines have been known to get frozen or cut--leaving you without heat. Gas burns cleaner, so there tends to be less soot buildup, so less maintenance is required. The cons are that gas is somewhat more hazardous. A gas leak can asphyxiate or explode; whereas a fuel oil leak is mostly just a mess (fuel oil is combustible but not flammable, it needs to be heated or atomized to burn). To convert, you'd have to replace the burner in your furnace, which would likely be expensive. If your furnace is more than a few years old, the contractor would probably recommend a new furnace instead of converting your old one.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    gas is cheaper, but most of the time heating sources are dictated by your local power/utility companies.

    some cities have natural gas, some oil, gas is cleaner and doesn't burn as many pollutants like oil

    oil typically is used in the country when there's not a close natural gas source

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  • gary o
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    1 decade ago

    Is based on BTU and cost of BTU. right now gas is a bit cheaper than oil in fact a lot of people are converting from oil to gas. so much so there is a back log.

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