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About The Movie " The Incredibles " ?

Who played the voices of each character ?

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    ok here goes

    Craig T. Nelson Voice of Bob Parr/Mr Incredible

    Holly Hunter Voice of Helen Parr/Elastigirl

    Samuel L. Jackson Voice of Lucius Best/Frozone

    Jason Lee Voice of Buddy Pine/Syndrome

    Dominic Louis Voice of Bomb Voyage

    Teddy Newton Voice of Newsreel Narrator

    Jean Sincere Voice of Mrs Hogenson

    Eli Fucile Voice of Jack Jack Parr

    Maeve Andrews Voice of Jack Jack Parr

    Wallace Shawn Voice of Gilbert Huph

    Spencer Fox Voice of Dashiell Parr (Dash)

    Lou Romano Voice of Bernie Kropp

    Wayne Canney Voice of Principal

    Sarah G. Vowell Voice of Violet Parr

    Michael Bird Voice of Tony Rydinger

    Elizabeth Peña Voice of Mirage

    Bud Luckey Voice of Rick Dicker

    Brad Bird Voice of Edna Mode (E)

    Bret Parker Voice of Kari

    Kimberly Adair Clark Voice of Honey

    John Ratzenberger Voice of Underminer

    Mark Andrews (III) Additional Voice

    Nicholas Bird Additional Voice

    Louis Martin Braga III Additional Voice

    Mary Elizabeth Clark Additional Voice

    Pete Docter Additional Voice

    Louis Gonzalez Additional Voice

    Elizabeth Greenberg (II) Additional Voice

    Juliet Greenberg Additional Voice

    Billy Guardino Additional Voice

    Dennis Jennings Additional Voice

    Ollie Johnston Additional Voice

    Brad Lewis Additional Voice

    Ted Mathot Additional Voice

    Jazzie Mahannan Additional Voice

    Randy S. Nelson Additional Voice

    Bob Peterson Additional Voice

    Jeff Pidgeon Additional Voice

    Juliet Pokorny Additional Voice

    Joe Ranft Additional Voice

    Lori Richardson Additional Voice

    A. J. Riebli (III) Additional Voice

    Katherine Ringgold Additional Voice

    Stephen R. Schaffer Additional Voice

    Bob Scott (III) Additional Voice

    Peter Sohn Additional Voice

    Andrew Stanton Additional Voice

    Frank Thomas Additional Voice

    Pamela Gaye Walker Additional Voice

    Patrick Walker (II) Additional Voice

    Deirdre Warin Additional Voice

    Philip Wong Additional Voice

    jason lee as syndrome was my fave ;)

    Source(s): " i wanted to babysitter but then i'd be walking round with a big bs on me "
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    1. Mr.Incredible/ Bob Parr-Craig T. Nelson(dad in poltergeist)

    2. Elastigirl/Helen Parr-Holly Hunter(Ed from raising Arizona)

    3. Bob's boss-Wallace Shawn(Vizzini frome the Princess Bride)

    4. Frozone/Lucius-Samuel L. Jackson(Pulp Fiction AWESOME movie)

    5.Syndrome/Buddy-Jason Lee(my name is earl)

    Those are the only ones I can recognize!

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    Craig T. Nelson ... Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible (voice)

    Holly Hunter ... Helen Parr / Elastigirl (voice)

    Samuel L. Jackson ... Lucius Best / Frozone (voice)

    Jason Lee ... Buddy Pine / Syndrome (voice)

    Dominique Louis ... Bomb Voyage (voice)

    Teddy Newton ... Newsreel Narrator (voice)

    Jean Sincere ... Mrs. Hogenson (voice)

    Eli Fucile ... Jack Jack Parr (voice)

    Maeve Andrews ... Jack Jack Parr (voice)

    Wallace Shawn ... Gilbert Huph (voice)

    Spencer Fox ... Dashiell 'Dash' Parr (voice)

    Lou Romano ... Bernie Kropp (voice)

    Wayne Canney ... Principal (voice)

    Sarah Vowell ... Violet Parr (voice)

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    Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible Craig T. Nelson. not famous

    Helen Parr/Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl: Holly Hunter. famous for Little Black Book

    Violet Parr Sarah Vowell. Not famous

    Dash Parr: Spencer Fox. famous for Tim Possible and Jim Possible

    Lucius Best/Frozone: Samuel L. Jackson famous for Snake on a plane

    Buddy Pine/Syndrome: Jason Lee.famous for My name is Earl

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    go there for a list of credits

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