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How do i turn into a fairy... I need a spell or potion to turn into one?

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I always wanted to be a fairy so then instead of taking the bus ...show more
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Ok, here's what you do:

Get one of your old shoes (it has to be one of your OWN for this to work)
and mix these ingredients together inside of it.
1 clove of garlic
5 wildflowers (pull the petals off and only put the petals in)
1 tablespoon of honey
1 cup of milk
and a dash of cinnamon

Then go to a private place (so no one will see the actual transformation)
and pour this mixture all over yourself while chanting "I am no longer human, I am a fairy!" over and over again getting increasingly louder until you are practically shouting. You will start to feel a tingle inside and that's how you know the spell is working. Then poof! You are a fairy!


A little creature who lives in my garden ;)

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Thank you so much you are the best!!!
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  • <<jade>> answered 7 years ago
    I don't know a spell to turn you into a fairy, but I know one to let tiny fairies rest in your garden at night. At night, fairies get tired from flying and need somewhere to rest and have a drink.

    Find a safe place in your garden or somewhere outside where they can rest. Leave a small saucer with a little bit of water in it for them to drink. Now you need one yellow flower one blue flower and one red flower. Mix their petals together and sprinkle them around the saucer. Draw a star around the saucer on the ground and say the following spell:

    "With flowers yellow, red and blue
    I make a meeting ground for you
    so fairies come from north and south, from east and west
    and find this star a safe place to rest".

    If in the morning you find that a little bit of the water has gone, then you know the spell has worked and fairies have used your hideout. good luck.
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  • Joe B answered 7 years ago
    I'm not sure you can turn into a fairy. But, i might be wrong so keep looking.
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  • ♂ ♫ Timberwolf answered 7 years ago
    You can't turn into one, you have to be born that way.


    Tinkerbell is my cousin.
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  • How do i turn into a fairy... I need a spell or potion to turn into one?

    I always wanted to be a fairy so then instead
    of taking the bus to school i can fly to
    school. someone please give me
    ingrediants to a potion or just give
    me a spell that actually works!!!
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