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i personally think scientists are just coming up with new ways to scare us. this may not be true, but its my way of not freaking out. do you think the world will come to an end anytime soon? do you believe in the Mayan Doomsday 2012 prophecy? do you think the world is as in a bad shape as the news and other people say it is? i just want peoples opinions

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    2012 is a hoax!! No real scientist has predicted this.The mayans were great astronomers.However not so great at being prophets.They couldnt even predict their own demise by the spanish. The mayan calender begins a new cycle it does not end.It was a time of great celebration for them to make it through a cycle not doomsday.Do you honestly think nasa would of been concerned about asteroid apophis in 2029 and 2036 if they planned on doomsday in 2012?

    Nearly every month there is new doomsday propaganda floating around, there has been since civilization began. The things that truely are threats always have been and will be long after 2012.

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    It will be true soon. As Russian soldiers are pushing into the central Georgia instead of withdrawing.

    Iran has just launched its first satellite. Surprisingly, how could Iran get those material to build so many things? The U.N. sanction should have stopped everything relating to missile to Iran. Possibly, it was Russian smuggle everything into Iran.

    Combining all development, a re-run of 911 will be happening on 2012 London Olympic Game. Then, after two months of investigation to locate the leader of perpetrators, there will be a war and U.S. and Russia will flow nuke to the whole world.

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    the mayans were right about everything they've predicted so far so doomsday 2012 along with today's world events seems very real and possible

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    The world will come to an end. Its God's promise which will come to pass.

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    it makes for good copy.

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