Muslims? is kosher halal or not?

I've seen some Muslims eating in a kosher restaurant, I've also read several opinions on this so what's the final word?


Rumaitha, kosher and hala go way beyond not eating pork.

Halal it's not equivalent of kosher, kosher is more strict that's why it makes sense that kosher would be halal but this is not true the other way around.

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What signs are there for halal food? do you guys go by k and u also or do you have your own different signs?


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    Yes, kosher food is Halal for Muslims to eat. It's basically the equivalent of Halal in the Jewish faith. No pork in their products. You will usually see a 'k', 'u', 'pareve' sign on the products.


    Sorry I should have clarified my answer. I meant that the term "kosher" in the Jewish religion is the equivalent of the term "Halal" in the Muslim religion. kosher laws are much more strict in Judaism than it is in Islam. Muslims can eat kosher foods, but Jews can't eat Halal food as it doesn't completely fulfill the requirements. Their laws of what can be consumed is much more strict. But speaking from the Islamic point of view, their kosher food is Halal for us. Basically kosher is Halal but Halal isn't kosher.

    There are products written Halal on it, usually in Arabic and looks like this: حلال. We eat anything with that label and anything (not meat) that is Kosher.

    The things that we tend to watch for are chewing gum, gummy bears, marshmallows, cheese (enzymes which sometimes contain rennet), etc. Those are some of the more common products we look for kosher.


    Kosher food is halal when referring to non-meat products. That's why I said we look for kosher products when dealing with foods not related to mean. When we say kosher is halal, we mean no pork. Muslims do not eat kosher meat. And may I correct you on another thing, not all Muslims are anti-Jewish. My best friends are Jewish, my favorite teacher is Jewish from Jerusalem. I grew up with Jews here in the US and I treat them like family.

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    The Prophet and the Sahaba ate the meat from the Christians and the Jews. There is no doubt the the meat of them is permissable to consume. It is a concession for the Muslims to eat meat from Jews and Christians. It is not allowed to make halal haram and haram halal. The Qur'an is a book in which there is no doubt and a guidance for the God-Conscious. Allah says in Qur'an that we are allowed to eat from the Jews and the Nasara. Allah also states that the religion is perfected and complete.

    In order to prohibit Kosher, you must find in Qur'an and Sunnah the proof that Kosher Meat is haram. We know it is halal from Qur'an and Sunnah to eat meat from the people of the Book and there is no definition who is from the people of the book or not. The Christians had been Mushrikeen already when the Prophet started conveying the message.

    Where is the proof that Jews and Nasara are not from the People of the Book anymore? Jizya is valid until Jesus Son of Mary abandons it.

    The Qur'an tells us that when Jesus returns all the Jews and Christians will believe in him.

    Nasara are called Mushrikeen in Qur'an. The Jews are not Mushrikeen.

    If a Jew offers us Kosher Food, we should not even start investigating.

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    No. Kosher food is not Halal. Why? Because Jews invoke the name of Yahweh when they are killing animals. So tell me when was the last time you heard of a Muslim refer to God as Yahweh?


    Funny how you Muslims favor Jews in such situations. Normally your all anti-jewish. Having said I doubt much of you have a good understanding of what Judaism teaches and what is its customs.

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    We can eat Kosher food as it is slaughter and blessed, drained of blood and Allah tells us its permissible for us to eat.

    Having said that still its not ideal. I would not just go "Oh I am hungry lets go into that Kosher restaurant".

    Still for me its a last resort type deal. If there is Halal option then No, if there is a vegetarian option then NO, I have only eaten kosher once and it was vegetarian burgers of some sort so still no meat it was only really because it was suitable for vegetarian not really important at all that it was Kosher.

    So yes its Halal to eat, but still not something to go rushing out and buy.

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    It's halal for non-meat products only. Kosher meat is not halal. It depends what school of thought of Islam you follow.

    Source(s): Jaafari.
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    Wow..5 answers saying yes...i'm surprised.

    But yeah its halal.

    We spent 5 khutbahs in a row here talking about surah yusuf and emphasis was put on how big wording is.

    If you look at the verses pertaining to terms of god.......if the meat is being dedicated to a god, then it can only be to allah.

    Other verses talk about CONSUMPTION.....and say allahs name must be said.

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    Yes it is halal. Allah says in the quran the meat which is slaughtered by the people of the book is lawful (i do not remember which verse) because they slaughter by Allah's name.

    But the current christians do not fall in this category because they do not practice their religion and do not slaughter by the name of God.

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    Kosher is a subset of hallal.


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    it is halal .........because Jews slaughter animals the same way muslims do .

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    It is halal.

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