How can you look gorgeous without makeup?

I'm going into highschool in a few weeks, and I want to look pretty, but without makeup. The only makeup I wear is foundation to even out my skin tones, but that's it. What are some little things I can do to look good that doesn't include putting on makeup?

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    just be confident with yourself and trust me i will work

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    A Cute Outfit, Cute HairStyle, Hair&Clothing Accessories, Nicely Shaped Eyebrows, A Little ChapStick Or LipGloss Could Help Too

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    if you wear any makeup, wearing none will make you feel a lot less pretty. take my advice for it - just don't wear any. as of today, stop wearing it. some people go for just a natural look and use foundation and mascara, but if you want completely no makeup thats exactly what you need to do - stop wearing it. work on your hair and style, instead.

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    If you never started wearing makeup, then not having it wouldn't be such a problem. It's only because people are used to your face with makeup that when they you don't have it on, your face seems to be lacking color.

    If you have never worn makeup before, then you're probably fine. [= You'll look natural without makeup.

    I'd say, dye your hair to compliment your skin color. If you've been wearing makeup all your life and you're thinking about not wearing it anymore AND you have black hair; people will think you're freakishly pale or even sick.

    Accessories. If you wear mainly neutral colors like gray/white/black, gold accessories pop and draws some attention from your face

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    I have six words for you: hair, clothes, skin, shoes, brows and jewellery.

    1. Skin: This is one of the most important. If you really want to look naturally beautiful it means taking care of your skin, which doesn't just involve buying acne medication and so on. It also involves eating the right things which can have your skin clear and radiant.

    2. Hair: One of a woman's greatest features is her hair, so you'll have to make sure that you take great care of yours if you want to be naturally beautiful. Taking care of your hair doesn't mean spending hours on it each morning and spending thousands of dollars on it either; but it can mean simply not putting your hands in your hair too much since salt will cut if for one, beware of the chemicals you put in it, if you're getting a haircut cut it according to the shape of your face or if you're dying it, get a colour that compliments the tone or colour of your skin.

    3. Clothes: Like hair, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on clothes. If you're a trendy person just try to look for the best deals on clothes and sometimes, learn to mix and match. I'm a more unique person who's not into trends, and what I usually do is create my own styles which are different and yet stylish. One of the best advice I can give you with this is stay simple and don't dress like a slut either.

    4. Shoes: All I have to say about this again is shop for the best deals. If you're an artistic person I could recommend stenciling your sneakers if you wear sneakers sometimes. Also, make sure the colour of your shoes matches with something your wearing. It's a common mistake I've seen many people make...

    5. Brows: Since you're not doing your makeup that doesn't mean you can't do your brows! Shaping your eyebrows (notice I didn't type shaving) tend to put a lot into a lot of people's appearance.

    6. Jewellery: Don't wear too much or anything big and gawdy or with too many sparkles. Keep it simple and make sure it matches something you have on. If you have unusually coloured eyes, you can use them to your advantage sometimes and get a set of earrings and a necklace that matches with your eyes.

    I hope all this helps!

    Source(s): Voted hottest girl in my high school two years in a row ;)
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    get on a good skin routine, and stick to it. try neutrogena skin iD, or clean and clear soft works really great!(most products dont on me) drink lots of water, and eat nuts and seeds. they are superfood for skin. use a scrub at least twice a week, and steam your face. get a bowl of boiling water and put your face over it. go out into the sun without sunscreen for a few mins (not for very long, yea its dangerous but not for a short time) it helped zap my zits! sounds crazy but i got a little pink and a week later they went away.

    Source(s): i went to extreme measures for clear skin, and that is what i found that works the best. i swear by it :)
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    Don't go tired. Get at least 8 hrs sleep, eat breakfast, you need protein and iron. Drink a lot of water.Make sure you're prepared for each class so you won't have anything to stress about and no frown lines..Smile. Confidence is attractive.

    Source(s): No one gave me advice, I did get 8 hrs and had breakfast but didn't study and wasn't prepared or confident. I had a miserable highschool experience.I know you can do better.
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    i'm going into 9th grade and in 5-6th grade i used to wear just foundation as well.

    now i don't wear any make-up except chapstick/lip gloss.

    i suggest that you curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler,

    wear atleast some chapstick, smile alot (if you have atleast decent teeth),

    have a positive attitude, dress in cute outfits, make your hair look cute,

    and make sure you clean and moisturize your face daily.

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    For starters make sure your dressed clean with a neat hairdo, that always makes anyone look neat and pretty, and then if you want to get into detail just make sure you look neat by having a nice manicure, making sure your lips are not chapped. and wear some perfume :)

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    1 decade ago

    Make sure that you have really nicely shaped eyebrows, and pay attention to your hair. Make sure that your hair and hairstyles frame your face well, and aren't to done up and severe. Severe or pin straight would clash with your natural look.

    I know you said not to include make up, but I think that some light mascara would be simple, and pretty.

    Good luck!


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    1 decade ago

    Drinks lots of water because it'll brighten up your skin and make it glow.

    Confidence is a must.

    If all fails, try to wear alittle mascara.

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