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if you have a cast can you go in the ocean if..?

you put a plastic bag and tap the top? me and my friend are going to california today and she broke her foot 2 weeks ago, she has a fiber glass cast.. could she go in the ocean if she does this?


i meant tape* the top

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    A good rule of thumb is if you can't put it in the bath tub you can't put it in any other form of water. The other thing you have to worry about in the ocean is the possibility of infection. Also let your friend know it is VERY difficult to walk in the sand with a cast on your foot! In general I would not recommend getting into the water with it but if she's going to do it anyway try the extra heavy duty trash bags and cut them to size and tape them securely. Be extra careful not to fall. I would highly advise consulting her doctor before the trip.

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    No. She could get sand in it, and she could get salt water in it. Salt water can cause all sorts of problems with the skin , because the water dries and leaves a salt residue whcih irritates the skin.

    SHe will have to watch from the shore.

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    I was researching the same problem and came across this:

    I don't think it will work for me as it will get too hot inside, and not sure if it's worth for your friend to give it a try.

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    i guess, but it would be risky. She would have to be really careful not to step on any rocks/shells that could tear the bag and you'd have to at least triple bag it

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