need serious help with significant figures?

ok so 1 type of questions are

12700 has ___ significant figures and, rounded to 1 significant figures, is ___

and the others are

like 6.00 x 3.00 = 18 The answer should be _____

Please help and explain significant figures not just these examples

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    Significant figures are the digits in the number after the trailing zeros have been discarded, unless there is a decimal point.

    So 12700 has 3 significant figures. The trailing two zeros are just place holders.

    When there is a decimal point the rules are different. The decimal point implies that the zeros around it are significant. So 12700 has 3 significant figures, but 12700. has 5 significant figures, 12700.0 has six significant figures, 12700.000 has 8 significant figures, and so on.

    When you round to a number of sig figs you just take the highest digits and round to that. 12700 rounded to 1 sig fig would be 10000. 12700 rounded to 2 sig figs would be 13000

    When you multiply numbers with sig figs the decimal places in the answer is equal to the decimal places in the number with the smallest number of decimal places, in the case of 6.00 x 3.00 they both have 2 decmial places, so the answer should also have two decimal places 18.00.

    The wikipedia page cited below has good info.

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