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Whos better Brady or Peyton Manning #18 vs 12?

They are both amazing.

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    Coming from a Jets fan: Tom Brady

    More rings, some impressive passing records, and the guy is dating Giselle.

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    They are both great players. They are two different type of QBs. Peyton Manning is very successful because of how well he can read defenses and use that to his offensive advantage.

    Tom Brady is great under pressure and is a great clutch player. He finds a way to win when the team is losing in the 4th quarter.

    Both are accurate and get the job done. I like Peyton Manning more because he is a leader that I would want for a team. However, that does not say that either doesn't have the support as a leader from their teammates because they both do. I just prefer Peyton Mannings style.

    Thumbs up to those who agree.

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    Tom Brady

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    Tom Brady.

    Although I'm a Pats fan, I have to give tremendous props to Peyton Manning. The man is the smartest guy in football, picking apart defenses and making smart decisions. The nod goes to Brady, however, because of the rings and clutch success.

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    yes they are both great QBs and future Hall of Famers. and i say Brady is better of the 2 and nobody has mentioned this fact yet:

    all his career, manning had a great supporting cast on offense. manning has 2 pro bowl receivers and you can argue that harrison is a HOFer. but manning always had great receivers and he had edgerrin james for a long time who is also a pro bowl running back and now he has addai who is a pro bowl running back. not to mention the best OLine in the NFL.

    before this year (pre moss and welker), who did brady have? caldwell? branch? patten? brown? gaffney? i mean come on...brady made crappy receivers look like studs because of his ball placement and timing. before this year brady never had a good receiving core and his best running back was a washed up corey dillon. ill admit that brady has a good OLine, but it's not as good as peytons. so if you look at it, brady has always had less to work with on offense yet he still put up great numbers and won 3 superbowls. now that he has moss and welker, you can see the damage brady can do with weapons at his dosposal and moss and welker isnt even as good as the team of harrison and wayne when healthy. when brady finally got a great receiver, he smashed peytons TD record.

    imagine if brady had wayne, harrison, and edgerrin james when he first started. if you gave brady, the weapons manning always had, the pats would probably have more than 3 SBs. i dont think manning would have put up all these records or win a superbowl with dillon, brown, patten, and branch as his weapons.

    i know it is unfair to judge a guy by the # of rings since football also has the defensive side to it as well and the colts never had a great defense like new england did. but since youre only talking about who is the better QB, it is without a doubt, Tom Brady.

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    Brady! led the Pats to a 18-1 season last year

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    your argument about Manning having better WR is crap. When Harrisonn went down, Manning made Anthony Gonzalez. Manning makes his recievers. Look at Marcus Pollard, when he went to Detroit, he sucked. Manning is better at reading defenses and he also has led his team to the SB. James hasnt done as well as he has since Indy. Manning makes his offensive weapons better, not the other way around

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    Thomas Edward Brady Jr.

  • No matter what your personal feelings are for him, Brady has the rings. Enough said.

    Peyton Manning is excellent, but the nod goes to the guy that has all the championships. The championships I hope Tony Romo has one day..........

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    Obviously Tom Brady he was awesome last year.

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