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which films out of thes are any good?

they are all old btw but i wanted to watch a psychology based film.

sorry the list is soo long! really am :S


American Beauty

American Psycho

Analyze This

As Good As It Gets



Clockwork Orange

Color of Night

Conspiracy Theory

Dark Mirror (The)

Deconstructing Harry

Girl Interrupted

High Anxiety

Insider (The)

Nurse Betty


One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest

One Hour Photo

Patch Adams

Quiet Room (The)

Ruling Class (The)

Shining (The)

silence of the Lambs

Sleep Room

Sunset Boulevard

Thirteenth Floor (The)

Total Recall

Twelve Monkeys

Vanilla Sky


i got the list from some website so sorry if the titles are wrong. once again sorry the list is so long.

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    I used to be an advisor for a psychology honor society. I would show monthly movies with a psychology theme followed by discussion. Some of the movies I have shown are:

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (good view of how hospitals used to be and the misuse of lobotomies)

    Clockwork Orange (some disturbing images but very good behavior modification discussion / principles)

    As Good As it Gets (great portrayal of OCD)

    Awakenings (based on a true story good discussion of drug therapy and ethics)

    Girl Interrupted (effect of society on what is considered abnormal behavior)

    I have also shown Nell (developmental issues) Primal Fear (dissociative identity disorder) and K-PAX (schizophrenia / DID?)

    One movie that my students recommended but I never viewed was Fight Club.

    There is a book called "Psychology in the Movies" that is a great resource. It lists movies and cross indexes them by psychological themes. It also has discussion questions. I bought my copy off Amazon but you should be able to get it from your library. Hope this helps.

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    Ok, I haven't seen all of these movies....but Clockwork Orange---really weird.

    Conspiracy Theory is very good.

    Girl Interrupted very good.

    One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest good but VERY old.

    Shining (The) (new or old?) The old one seems a lot more psycho.

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