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marine door gunner school?

Anyone know how long Marine door/aerial gunner school is, how long and where it is done?


anyone know how long LAAD school is and where it takes place?

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    LAAD school is in TX, but I dont know how much longer the MOS is kinda going away due to a new system. Door gunner is non exsistant. The crew chief handles it. When in combat the unit uses other crew chief or just random bodies from within the unit called "aerial observers" to assist the crew chief with the other guns. Correct me if I am wrong guys, not a winger.

    Source(s): 8 years as a Marine
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    I never knew they had such an MOS in the USMC..I thought that the crew chief Marines were the ones who handled the door gunners position

    During times of peace what what a door gunner have to do?

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