What medication do you think works best for Behcet's Disease?

What medication is really working for you for Behcet's? Any? None? What is your worst symptoms?

If anyone really needs help with Behcet's go see Dr. Yazici he is a Behcet's Specialist at NYU! He is amazing!

I have had got diagnosed with BD in 2007. I love to share experiences with people.

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    1 decade ago
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    I was told I had it, only a few weeks ago. I'm not on any medication for it so I have no idea about that, but the worst symptom is pains in my knees. Some nights I can't sleep with the pain. I also recently got the genital ulcers they are a nightmare, everybody thought I had herpes. I went to an emergency doc (it was the weekend, doctors close up here for weekends) she thought it was herpes, I went to my family doctor that has been my doctor since I was born and he casually told me I had behcet's syndrome. So far nothing has been done, he just let me look it up a bit myself (he's been my doctor for 24 years, he knows how awkward I am) I'm going to go back in and get the needle test done and I'm going to make sure it's not anything else but in fairness he probably is right.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No treatment for Behcet's disease exists. If your signs and symptoms of Behcet's disease are mild, your physician can offer medications to control temporary flares in pain and inflammation. Not need to drink drugs between flares. But if your signs and symptoms are plus severe, your physician may advise systemic drugs to control the signs and symptoms of Behcet's disease.

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