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My dog doesn't understand rules?

I have two dogs both 8 mo. old. they are brothers. One of them seems to get it and the other one does not. One of them insist on eating my thrid dog's food. I have tried everything to teach him not to do this. (saying no, spanking, I even put hot sauce on the food... nothing works). It's not just the food though, he doesn't seem to get any of the house rules. He still pees inside, although rarely, he will chew on inappropriate things right in front of you and continue even after you say no and spank him. Food cannot be left on the counter not even for one minute or he will jump up and eat it. These are only a few of the things he doesn't seem to get. What baffles me most is that his brother who has been trained the same way got all of this a long time ago. I know some dogs take longer than others, but 8 mo and still does not understand what no means? Is that normal what can I do?


I spank, not beat my dog.

the hot sauce was there to teach him a lesson.

Anyone have any advice on what to actually do?

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    Spanking is a BIG no-no, so stop spanking - the dog doesn't see it as a swat or scolding, merely as a source of pain. You can't explain to them why you did that so it isn't effective. It obviously isn't working on this dog anyway. Instead, when you catch him in the act try making a loud noise to startle him. Or spritz him with water.

    As for the food... FEED THEM IN DIFFERENT ROOMS. Simple, problem solved.

    Hot sauce works as a deterrent in most cases (stopped my dog from biting the leash real quick) but if you just put hot sauce in a bowl of food the dog MAY eventually learn to just not eat from a bowl. Then what?

    You need to be consistent with potty training. If he's peeing indoors that means he needs to go out more OR you are giving too much water. If he pees too much then have a vet check for bladder problems.

    As for taking things... DON'T LEAVE STUFF OUT. Simple. Don't leave food on the counter unless you are watching it. Don't leave objects out for him to grab. Clean the house up. Another problem solved.

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    Why? Because he doesn't understand there are rules. He's not fully housetrained, that's why he pees inside. He chews on things because its what dogs do, and you need to start teaching him what's good to chew on and what's not. Food can never be left on the counter! I know few dogs who wouldn't go after it. Keep food off the counters. If he's eating another dog's food, don't let him hang around the other dogs while they eat. Obviously, he was the trouble maker in the litter. Every litter has one. He's just going to be harder to train. But "spanking" him will teach him nothing at all.

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    Just like kids, all dogs are different. It would be like your parents comparing you to your brother. They all learn differently and at 8 months, they're teenagers and apt to testing you anyway.

    There are simple things you can do right now to fix some of these problems. Don't leave food on the counter - ever. Feed the dogs separately and don't leave dog food down (free feeding - having access to food all the time is not good and can lead to fat dogs). Anything not eaten after 20 minutes gets picked up. Don't spank - it doesn't help and they don't get it.

    Enroll your tough customer in obedience class and I think you'll both make lots of progress and you might be surprised to find he's a pretty smart dog. You just haven't taught things the way he needs to learn.

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    Having two puppies of the same age causes problems. While one of them is behaving the other is being naughty, then if you say "no" the dogs don't know which of them is misbehaving. Smacking is a waste of time, dogs don't understand this.

    You should praise your dog when it behaves and ignore the bad behaviour. If you leave food on the counter its your fault if the dog steals this. You should read books on dogs behaviour and learn to understand them. No two people are alike and neither are dogs. A different approach and different training methods should be used for each dog. Stop smacking and stop shouting and stop favouring the other puppy. With three dogs and a lack of patience and understanding, perhaps you should try re-homing the dog that you are having problems with. If you wait until he is older no one will want him. Do him a favour get him rescued and curb your temper with your dogs.

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    First off, NEVER hit you dog. This won't make anything better, but in fact will make everything worse.

    Remember- the dog is a PUPPY. Puppies grow differently mentally and physically. Judging by the fact you actually hit your dog trying to teach him a lesson, I'm not surprised he's acting up. Responsible dog owners do not hit their dogs.

    My advice: Learn how to be a good leader for your dog before you start expecting him to listen to you. I certainly wouldn't look up and listen to anyone who doesn't treat me properly and therefore, I don't blame him.

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    Just keep being consistent with training. Don't spank, and please do not put hot sauce on the food, how is the dog it is intended for supposed to eat it that way?

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    Right now you have a "pack" of dogs with 3 in your home. It looks like this dog is looking for attention. You need to speak with a behaviorist.

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    stop spanking your dog it will only make your dog worst...say no firmly is ok...if hes a puppy i say you should put him alone somewhere for 1 or 2 min b coz puppies and all dogs dont like to be left alone ............only my advice

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    the right thing to do its stop hitting your dog because if you hit your dog it will lose its memory and i wolnt like you

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    For starters, STOP HITTING YOUR DOG!

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