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i love love LOVE the japanese culture. are there any japanese songs that you would recommend to me?

ok like i know the songs from inuyasha and i like those a lot! so...any songs that you like that you would recommend?

thank you very much!

P.S: i would really like for you to answer this soon! once again, thanks!

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    Here are some singers:

    Utada Hikaru



    Koda Kumi

    Otsuka Ai

    (they are all great singers)

    Here are some groups/bands:

    Perfume (techno/j-pop)

    Ikimono Gakari

    Southern All Stars

    Funky Monkey Babys


    ...and johnnys entertainment got some hot boys who can sing and dance XD

    For example: NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP, KAT-TUN, Arashi, etc.

    Source(s): I'm Japanese
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    Here are some links to some good songs:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Prisoner Of love

    Youtube thumbnail

    しるし shirushi (sign)

    Youtube thumbnail

    &feature=related Exit

    some other good songs are:

    Planeterium by Otsuka Ai

    Flavor of life by utada hikaru

    Good artists: orange range



    otsuka ai

    hirai ken


    utada hikaru*

    Source(s): Im japanese.
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    I think you should listen to songs by Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki,BoA,Koda Kumi, and Yui.

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    i'm a big boa fan xD

    so i'll list some songs that i like from her~

    - every heart

    - miracle

    - id; peace b

    - listen to my heart

    - dakishimeru

    - flower

    - be the one

    - aggressive

    - lose your mind

    - girl in the mirror

    - kono yono shirushi

    - meri kuri


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    some REALLY good ones that everyone likes

    ikimonogakari (songs--hana wa sakura kimi wa utsukushi, akenairo yakusoku, and uruwashili hito*)

    YUI(pretty much all of her songs are really good)

    puffy (amiyumi) (closet full of love*, hataraku otoko*)

    NewS (TEPPEN*,hoshi wo mezashite, Weeeek*, summer time)

    tommy heavenly6 (heavy starry chain , ready?*, i'm gonna scream)

    kalela kimura (magic music*)

    ARASHI( love so sweet*, sakura sake*, happiness*, and we can make it!*)

    KAT TUN (real face, yorokobi no uta, keep the faith, LIPS, and don't u ever stop)

    PERFUME- (electro world*, secret secret*)

    Hey! say! JUMP--(ultra music power*, dreams come true)

    Hey! say! 7---(hey! say!*, BON BON*)

    mihimaru GT--(kibun jojo*, i should be so lucky*, punkish*, girigiri hero*

    takkey and tsubasa (crazy rainbow*)

    utada hikaru (all of her songs are really good)

    (*= upbeat good song that everyone has liked)

    PLease please listento these---very sure you'll like them!!

    hope i helped!!!

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    try redemption by Gackt and he also rights a song called vanilla they are soo good

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