The Dark Knight--Batman vs. Joker question (SPOILERS)?

I have to write a paper on The Dark Knight, and I need a few questions answered. So basically, the whole movie, Joker is "watching the world burn". But his purpose--what he really wants--is to prove that no one is "good" or "incorruptible". Right? So that's why Batman is so fun for Joker to fight, because he doesn't go down easily. But Batman has this "one rule" and that is, he won't kill anyone. He didn't kill the Joker when he had those 2 chances to do so, and didn't kill anybody else. So the Joker "wins" the fight if Batman breaks down and compromises on his rule, proving that he is corrupt, and Batman "wins" if he can stop Joker by turning him in to the law (which would probably result in the death penalty if they could ever keep him in jail that long) and still keep his morals intact. But at the end of the movie, it seems that Batman does compromise by killing Two Face in order to save Commissioner Gordon's son. So does that mean that Joker "won" in the end? Is Two-Face really dead? I just really want to know if Batman was finally corrupted. Because then Joker would have proved his point there. Is there a bigger picture than this? I mean, is there someway to excuse the killing of Two-Face? And on a side note, why did Joker want Batman to remove the mask? He didn't want to kill him, and he was already targeting loved ones...? Just curiosity? Feel free to correct anything I've said here, because it's just speculation. Thanks!

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    I think the way you get around the death of Two-Face is to understand that it was an accidental death. Batman's one rule is more geared towards murder. He won't kill anyone outright for justice-sake. That is to say that if someone happens to die along the way (just as Raz Al-Gul did in Batman Begins) then so be it. I think that was the case with Harvey Dent. He died as a result of Batman's attempt to save an innocent child. So the answer is no, Batman's morals were not defeated. He still would be considered incorruptable as The Joker himself admitted.

    And he wanted Batman to remove his mask because he would be an easier target if his true identity were revealed.

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    Batman Vs Joker Dark Knight

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    Personally I think the Joker won in the end because he brought Harvy Dent down to the level of a murderer, he showed that a white knight can be corrupted. I think the Joker would never have wanted to kill Batman, it's like he says "we're destined to do this forever" and "you complete me", if Batman died, the Joker would have no purpose in living. Joker wants chaos and he can get that by destroying Gotham's hope, which is Batman but at the same time it's more the chase that i think the Joker likes.

    Oh and i don't think Harvy Dent is dead

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    You are correct. Joker wanted to prove no one is really good and incorruptible.

    Joker did not win in the end. Two-Face died because Batman had to save Gordon's son He couldn't save Two-face even if he tried. Two-faced was half corrupted because one side wanted everything to be "fair" by killing Gordon's son while one side just missed Rachael and wanted her back. Nothing psychotic..

    Joker batman to remove the mask so everybody would know who Batman really is. That's all.

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    The Joker believes everyone can be corrupted if pushed far enough. Joker wanted Batman to take his mask off because that way the police would know who to go after to arrest batman.

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    well i agree with everything you said...but it is not seen if two face is actually dead and i do not believe he is...when they show the memorial scene for harvey dent there is no actual casket so it could have been a reward ceremony for his good deeds,,,... i think the joker wanted him to reveal his mask to see if batman had the courage to face the hatred that would come his way by the public of gotham because of all the deaths of innocent people and cops....hope i helped

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