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Would John McCain been accepted into the Naval Academy without his daddy Admiral to pull strings?

It's well known he graduated 894 out 899 in his class. Was he also that stupid in high school. Is McCain an example of the white privileged aristocrats getting special favors?


toughguy2: way not to answer the question. no jealousy here either, I'm happy with where I went to college.

BTW, there is good documentation George Bush Jr got into both Ivy League schools due to his daddy. Just a lack of preferential treatment being reported about McCain at this point.

Always amazing to me how guys like McCain and Bush trash affirmative action programs even as they got special preferences.

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    probably not.

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    First of all regardless of the standing in the class, any of the military colleges have very strict and high academic standards and anyone that makes it through are well above average including John McCain, so let's clear up that little matter and quit with the kid insults. Most kids that make it into the academies have family members that were there previously and is a well known tradition, so you aren't saying anything new on that behalf either. I detect a degree of jealousy from you against folks that do have higher incomes. His daddy didn't become an Admiral because they gave it to him.

    Hey Bagel dude or whatever you call yourself. I did answer the question and anybody that agrees with affirmative action is believing in reverse racism. Have a nice life meatball.

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    I don't think this question gets us anywhere.

    Obama supporter than wants to lift up the debate. If you think this question really advances the cause, then keep asking the pointless drivel....but, seriously, we have the possibility of transforming the world and it won't happen with this attitude.

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    mccain is the worst! everyone who agrees with me should go vote him down on this page.. you'll get a free gift card if you do!

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    nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Nah Nah Nah...AFLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAC!

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