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why was my period a lighter color than normal?

im 18 n my boyfriend n i have known each for 4 yrs 2 weeks ago we had sex for the first time n i was suposed to have my period the next day n i did but it was a lighter color than usual it was pretty average though however it was cut a day or two short is all so it was maybe 4 or 5 days long. what does it mean tht the color was lighter

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    its probably not because you had sex, your period just sometimes changes. the flow, the length, how heavy you are in the beg/end.

    dont worry! the only bad sign is if the blood is a brown color throughout the length of your period, but a little brown in the beginning or end isnt bad either

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    When I lost my bf told me to not be scared if I had light bleeding for a couple of days. So, that probably just blended in with your cycle and made it lighter. I waited until I was 18 too. I thought if I was going to have sex...I better be able to take care of a baby if I got pregnant. Plus, my brothers raised me after our parents died..i knew they would KILL ME if I came home pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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