Do actors and actresses in adult XXX films make more money than 50 grand a year?

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that's how much I make, i'm just comparing jobs I guess
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Ha ha! Interesting question.

Guys tend to get a single flat rate of $500 per scene, while the ladies can earn up to $2500 per scene, depending on what they are willing to do.

So they can make much more than 50k a year if they really wanted. It all depends on how often they want to work in scenes.

Of course, then a contract company like VIVID might sign a lady, then we're talking millions.

Ready to quit your day job yet?


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  • buxfan11 answered 6 years ago
    I would say it is probably just like regular movies, there are a-listers and second tier acors/actresses. also depending on how many movies they do per year will factor in. when i was in bodybuilding and looked alot better than I dow now when I was growing up in so cal, I was approached by the manager of chippendales-los angeles. he said I should come work there, he said $700-$1000 a night was easy. I couldnt even bring myself to do that, I definately couldnt do x-rated films.
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