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Is the IOC going to investigate about the chinese female gymnastics age?

are they going to? and if they do and find out they are underage, will they strip the gold medal from the chinese?

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    I very highly doubt it. However, if they ultimately choose not to, it will be a horrible PR move on their part and make the Olympics seem pointless.

    Honestly, there are too many issues for them to ignore this forever. There are multiple reports surfacing, based on Chinese state-run media info, that reveal three of the gymnasts to be underage. There are also reports surfacing that just last week, the Chinese state-run television admitted that these three are indeed underage, but that they should be “praised for their skills and determination.”

    For some reason, the IOC has been lenient with China. After the 2000 Sydney games, a Chinese gymnast later admitted that she had been underage. The IOC still let her keep her medal. And now, they're refusing to investigate this latest scandal involving the Chinese and age falsification. This organization has no problem stripping other athletes of their medals/titles for cheating in the form of doping, etc...but why not China?

    If the IOC continues to lack the control and dedication needed to create to a fair and just Olympic environment, then the Games will eventually become irrelevant.

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    They will have to be pressured into doing so since China appear to be given Most Favored Nation status by IOC. Either way, I predict the IOC is not going to do anything until after their last official is out of Chinese airspace and well on their way back to Paris.

    When a medal is pulled it goes to who otherwise would have been the winner, which in Gymnastics is not difficult to determine.

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    We all know that a country like China would be willing to forge those passports for those girls. Even the gymnast who was in Athens (supposedly 16 at that time which would make her 20 now) does NOT look close to 20.

    One former gymnast had said she was only 14 when she competed but acknowledged her passport said she was 16.

    The OIC is going to do nothing. They have no balls. Any doctor could Xray all those gymnast feet and tell you their age. They'd be able to see the growth plate. I'm just a 'mom' and even I know that. Heck, a dentist could tell by checking their dental Xrays for goodness sakes. They'd be able to see if their 12 year old molars had come in.

    Passports mean nothing. China has cheated the world and they should be ashamed. In a country where honor means everything they should be completely ashamed. They have proven once again they only have honor when it serves their purpose.

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    Three of the Chinese girls were underage. Earlier this year, they told the Chinese press they were born in 94 (two of them) and 96 (the other one). And they also laughed about the govt. giving them fake passports.

    China has a long history of cheating both with age requirements and judging. The IOC has already taken several of their medals away in the past and I'm sure they will be taking at least two more of them for gymnastics alone in the near future.

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    The IOC can only ask to see their passports, which all say they're at least 16. A formal complaint hasn't been filed, so they can't investigate further.

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    No they won't investigate. China says their passports say 16. Hell, I was born in 1971 and I'm only 16. Just to prove it my passport says 16. I printed it up in my basement last night. What's all the fuss?

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    sure they will. of course they will blame everything on us. it amazes me how any other country can accuse the us of any thing they want (whether it is true, sour grapes, or just lies) and it is ok. it is perfectly acceptable to question anything and everything the us does no matter the genre. but when the tables are turned they make the us seem unreasonable. personally i don't really worry about all that. i can't change it but i can just enjoy the performances for what they are. no matter their ages they are all champions. All of them no matter what country they are from.

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    Yes they definitely will just as soon as the Olympics are over. There are millions of dollars in sponsorship at stake to do anything right now.

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    Supposedly not. Since the "passports" and I use that lightly show that they are 16, there is nothing they can do.

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    It doesn't seem like they will. Even if they are looking into it right now they will not comment on it.

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